Pearl Harbor, Hickam to be Joint Base

Discussion in 'Academy/Military News' started by bruno, Aug 27, 2009.

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    Well- this one will fall into the "be careful of what you wish for category". From the big picture undoubtedly this will be more efficient combining the staffs of two adjoining bases, but I'm not sure that having the Navy as the designated landlord will be a welcome change to the occupants of the base. I think that the AF puts a much higher premium on standard of living on their bases than the other services, especially the Navy. When I was stationed in Hawaii- as an army guy living on Schofield Barracks I was amazed at the relatively plush look to Hickam- especially the housing areas and MWR facilities while Pearl Harbor had the look and feel of early American Industrial Park living. The Navy has sunk a lot of change into the facilities on Pearl in the last few years but I wonder if that's a mindset that will last as money gets tight. Time will tell. Aloha!
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    :eek:At Bolling AFB in Washington DC, the difference between the Navy side of the base and the Air Force side is very obvious. Between the two, the Navy came off feeling like pretty shabby. Will you get jumped, held up, stabbed on Navy bases? Probably not, but you wouldn't know from the conditions.

    Now, as bad as a Navy base is, find the darkest, sadest corner of that Navy base, and you'll find where the Coast Guard moors up.
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    Ft Lewis Post and McChord AFB are merging... I havent noticed anything up here yet other then the army taking over the AF clinic.. and actually it seems to run a bit more efficient :)

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