Pelosi and G5S

Discussion in 'Academy/Military News' started by Pima, Mar 11, 2009.

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    So here is my 10% military budget cut suggestsion for the AF that our President is requesting for 2010...Nancy, her staff and hubby stop their ridiculous demands on the AF!

    Can someone explain why her DH had to go with her to IRAQ? Hillary didn't take Bill on her latest around the world meet and greet!

    This was my favorite
    My runner-up illustrates how she just doesn't get what goes into flying a military aircraft..she just believes that the AF is at her beck and call to take her home to the district that hates the military...I bet the AF crew just cringes every time they fly her on a DOD plane to an area that does everything to show their contempt for them!

    I get so many warm and fuzzy feelings knowings that our Speaker understands the inner workings of what it takes to get a jet off the ground for a non-essential mission! I bet she really believes that the 82nd AB just hops onto a plane with thei rucksack and invades... or that the Navy carrier gets a phone call from the Pentagon to utilize a cruise missile and 10 minutes later it is flying...or that the AF fighters just step to the jet and go on a combing run with no notice! Her next move, ordering the CG to be the pilot boat when she sails on the BAY! Then again, she might direct the Merchant Marines to make sure that the containers carrying something she ordered get differential treatment!
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    It is OK for Nancy Pelosi to fly Airforce G-5 luxury jets, and demand Air Force VC-32 (Boeing 767 luxury Aircraft) for travel to San Francisco, but corporate executives are humiliated for the same practices.

    I remember seeing a picture of the Washington DC airports during the inaguration period. The number of private luxury aircraft was astounding. These people are the first to use class envy, but try and take their plane away and watch the fight. They'll lecture you about carbon footprints, and global warming, and then fire up their private jet.

    I also heard Nancy complained about the Aircraft not diverting to Travis (she had a meeting closer to the base then San Francisco). She threw a fit. Having been stationed at Travis for a long time I think they should always stop there. Let her fight an hour of traffic from the base to San Francisco and live like the rest of us. (Arrogant Witch).

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