Pensacola Naval Pilot Training


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Jun 9, 2006
Can anyone offer any info on how Naval pilot candidates are selected for which kinds of jets/aircraft?

Also, I'd like to know what a typical Navy pilot career path looks like. How many years training, actually flying and in supervisory or non-flying duties?

Is there any resource on the web where current aspects of Naval pilot acreer are discussed?

Thanks, y'all.
I'm a cutter guy, but my girlfriend's brother will be heading off to Naval Flight School in a few months and I had a classmate stop last week who should be getting his wings in March.

The Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy all train at the Naval Flight School in Pensacola. I can only speak to what I've heard about on the CG side of it, but if an airdale wants to hop in and correct me, that's fine.

They all start through the same program. At some point they put in for whether they want fixed wing or helo. The top couple guys in the class get to chose, all the others compete evenly. They will eventually be selected for their airframe too.

I don't if that helps at all. I've been told performance is everything. It's also good if you're not prone to air sickness.

Bullet here (Pima's H) Don't know if u'r only interested in a Navy flying career, but I answered a lot of questions on the AF's pilot training program on a different thread. Look in the USMMA area under the thread "fighter pilot". If u'r interested in hearing about an AF flying career, I can give you my experiences and thoughts. Navy flight career is a little different. (I'm a little particular that when I take off for a four hour sortie, I like my home airfield to be the same place as where I left it:smile: )