Pentagon Trimming Ranks of Generals, Admirals

Discussion in 'Academy/Military News' started by patentesq, Jan 2, 2012.

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    Every branch decides the ratio of Flag to Field, Field to Company, Officer to Enlisted.

    This shouldn't be a shocker, at least not for the AF. The AF is going through a RIF for O3 below, they are separating O4's who are not selected for O5 with less than 15 yrs., they are also doing a SERB for O5/O6's. That would mean they need to also hit the Flag officers.

    An O6 cannot pin on until someone frees up that O7 position. An O5 can't take that O6 job until he is an O7, so on and so forth down the line.

    The military is shrinking from a personnel perspective, and to keep a balance every level must be hit, and some must be hit harder than others.

    What I found interesting in the article was that the O5 promotion board for O6 really took a hit. 36% compared to 91% of them making O5. That board must have been very cut-throat. Which leads me to wonder, if now the O4 to O5 will have a higher selection rate TY? If you only take @1/3 and force them to leave, that opens up a lot of slots for those behind them to fill.

    I am curious to know from the Army posters here if they know what was the promotion rate LY for O4 to O5? Was it in the 60, 70, 80% or at that time was it lower because so many O5's were already on line? Is there an expectation that this yr will be a bumper crop for O5 selection due to the fact that they had a low O6 selection rate?
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    Its been my firm belief that we need more stars not less...But what would they do you might ask?

    Nothing...other than travel around visiting bases. As the only time things get picked up, painted, repaired, or put away is when an Admiral is coming to visit. :yllol:
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    Don't know the numbers, but it will return to what it was or less than before 911. Simply since 911 the selection rates sky rocketed, as the Army needed more senior officers. I believe the recent promotion rate for O4 to O5 were 90% plus, but historicaly it was around 50% or less

    There might be bumps, but I think it will correct itself pretty quick as LTCs typically retire around 20 or 22 and most LTCs know their chances of promotion to O6. Of course, the post retirement job market will also influence the retirement trend.

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