Peskemom, Front And Center!!


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Jun 8, 2006
Has anyone heard from Peskemom? I'm worried about the fires in San Diego.... :frown:


YIKES! :eek:
Please let us know if you hear from her....the situation has gone from bad to worse over night............keeping So Cal's in my prayers.
I got two e-mails from her yesterday. Their phone service has been sporadic. At 2:00 p.m. fire was 10 miles from their home, had evacuation plans and were packed. At 7:15 p.m. phone service was back up. . . no new news.
Got an e-mail from her today. Hubby on his way to USNA, but they are packed and ready to boogie in a hurry in case Mr. Fire decides to come visit.

While the fire has not yet threatened them directly, her description of the valley they live in being a "tinderbox" was not comforting.

In short, she's fine, but not out of the woods.

Yeesh. :frown:
Five or so years ago during the last (?) fires, my son's carrier was doing workups off the coast when he had to divert into San Diego late one night. He shot several approaches at North Island to below minimums, he did not have the gas to get to Lemoore, Miramar was already closed, and he finally got into Catalina. He still talks about it as the most eerie sureal moments he has ever had in the cockpit.
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Thanks Darla & Z. Glad a few of you have heard from her. Must be horrifying for her and so so many people. If you guys hear from her again, please post to let us know she & family are ok. :frown:
We received this word from Peskemom about 2 hours ago, "...things for the moment here are quieter than 6 hours ago - but we will still keep a fire watch...our little valley is so very vulnerable."

I'm sure they would appreciate our continued prayers.