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Jul 25, 2008
I'm sure this has been asked before, but I can't seem to find it, so I'm going to ask. Is PFE for admissions purposes pass / fail?

I did my PFE this morning and I got a 244. I got 100 on the run (8:01 raw) and sit-ups (101 raw), but only 44 points (18 raw) on the cadence pushups. Obviously I need to work a lot on the pushups. I can do way more pushups than that, but not on cadence (yet). So, should I retake the PFE when I can get a higher push-up score or am I worrying too much about this?

Is there anything else besides just doing more pushups (I'm guessing I should practice them at cadence too) that is going to help me improve my score?
The individual score in each event is not important - it's the overall total score that counts.

Maxing 2 out of 3 of the events is impressive, and an overall score of 244 rates a grade of B. I wouldn't worry too much about the push up score.

The way to improve performance in your cadence push up score is to do more cadence push ups.
You guys are lucky...up until a couple years ago you also had to do pullups and a "basketball throw"...the latter was the most random thing I ever heard of...not sure what that was supposed to prove??? :biggrin:
I do not remember the basketball throw for the PFE, I do remember it for the PAE.

Before they changed it (after I graduated), the parts were...

Pull-ups, Sit-ups, Standing-broad jump, shuttle run, and the 1.5 mile run.
The Basketball throw is a part of the CFA (Candidate Fitness Assessment) which is required for USNA, USMA,USAFA and USMMA.
The basketball throw does serve a purpose.
In fact, each part of the CFA is designed to provide a measurement of either strength, balance, agility or overall fitness.

From the USMA CFA Instructions:

The CFA consists of six physical- and motor-fitness events that are
designed to measure muscular strength and endurance, cardio-respiratory endurance, power, balance and agility. When administered
together as a single battery, these six test events help the Admissions Committee determine if a candidate possesses the stamina and
movement skills required to successfully complete the physical program and perform the duties required of commissioned officers in
the uniformed services.


The basketball throw measures ability to generate shoulder girdle
power and total body coordination and balance from a stationary
My son got a 200 at AIM. That is a "C". He thinks he can do better...

because he was very tired at AIM.

Will a 200 be a detriment to a positive decision on Early Action, do you think?
Basketball throw is worthless, arm motion can be checked during your physical.

There is a reason you don't see a basket ball throw at all of the service academies, or in PT or in the fleet.

The basketball throw should not be the limiting factor...
Okay, Luigi, thanks for that reply. I've been concerned because a C isn't an

acceptable grade around here... I like A's. KWIM?

But, the cadre at AIM had told him that the 200 was good enough for admission. I'm glad to hear the confirmation.
The Basketball throw is a part of the CFA (Candidate Fitness Assessment) which is required for USNA, USMA,USAFA and USMMA.
The basketball throw does serve a purpose.

Yeah my daughter will be doing the PFE for the USMMA.. but her basketball teams does it all the time during practice.. and she throws shot put.. So she says she can do that easy... :)