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Feb 24, 2008
I've accepted the appointment to USMMA and haven't gotten by package of details yet. I was wondering what others have done about a phone. Should i carry a cell phone, get a calling card, use VOIP Like Skype, etc.

Also I just received the Vice Presidential nomination to West Point. :thumb: to go along with my USNA nomination and my UNMMA nomination/appointment.
Wow chiefnerdnc. Many congrats on all the achievements. You must feel pretty super knowing that all of your hard work over the years is paying off now. Good job btw!

As to the phone, just take your cell. It will be taken from you day one of INDOC but they'll give it back for you to make that first Sunday 5 minute call home. Then they give it back again with the other phone calls. Be sure to remember to pack the charger. I know a few who forgot & with no communications home, they had no way to get it there in time for phone calls.