Photo Gallery


Jun 8, 2006
Hey all,

The forum photo gallery is something I decided to add to give our members a place to post pictures. This gallery, for now, is for posting pictures of service academy visits/cadets/events/etc.

The gallery allows comments, users can delete and edit their own comments and pictures, pictures are not limited but soon I will place a limit. Every usergroup should have the ability to access the gallery and upload and comment unmoderated. If this is not the case contact me.

File size limit is 500K and all files are uploaded with JPEG quality 75.

If these limits seem to create issues please post and I'll look into changing some things.

If you encounter any problems with this addition or have questions about its use, please let me know.

I am new at this so if I made any mistakes on uploading my photos, please let me know.
Looks good, thanks for being the first to contribute. I hope everyone enjoys this feature. Feel free to add as many photos as you want, if you encounter the limit let me know and I will raise it.

Thanks for the new photo gallery! I had to resize my photos, hope they are okay.
Posting Photos

TN. I have tried to post some photos with no luck. Seems like they went thru, but they were never posted. KPDad
I looked over the usergroup permissions and everything seems to be okay. Can you let me know exactly what it says or give a screenshot?
Photo was of the Mids title was "marching on the grinder", I will try another one tonight and see if it works, thanks