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    How good does maxing out the candidate physical test look on the application?
    My GPA (3.8) and SAT scores are not great, so I have been trying to max out the physical test. I will take the test officially in June during NASS so I want to get in better shape.

    So far my scores include...

    Push-ups: 75
    Crunches: 83
    Pull-ups: 16
    Basketball throw: 87
    Shuttle run: 7.8
    Mile run: 5:40

    To train and build strength where I need it I have started doing 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, and 300 crunches daily. Is this training effective?
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    The CFA is only one component of an overall score based on the whole person.

    You will have plenty of time to improve your CFA numbers. What is probably more important to do is get the rest of your packet in order and continuously work on improving your ACT or SAT score, while also building up leadership experience in sports and organizations.

    That not is something that my DS used two years ago.

    A current USNA mid (a shout out to @MiddyB) gave my DS this routine a few years ago and it helped him a great deal.

    You are ahead on some of these so you have a jump start.

    MiddyB's CFA workout:

    Week 1:
    100 pushups in as few sets as possible
    150 situps in as few sets as possible
    50 pullups in as few sets as possible
    There is no break during or between sets. Once you stop you are done and go on to next thing.
    Quarter mile run between each set.

    Week 2:
    120 situps
    180 situps
    60 pullups
    Each in as few sets as possible.
    Quarter mile run between each set.

    Week 3:
    140 pushups
    210 situps
    70 pull ups
    Each in as few sets as possible
    Quarter mile run in or under 90 seconds between each set.

    Week 4:
    160 pushups
    240 situps
    80 pull ups
    Each in as few sets as possible
    Quarter mile run in or under 90 seconds between each set

    Week 5:
    180 pushups
    270 situps
    90 pull ups
    Each in as few sets as possible
    Quarter mile run in or under 90 seconds between each set.

    Week 6:
    200 pushups
    300 situps
    100 pull ups
    Each in as few sets as possible
    Quarter mile sprint as fast as you can between each set.

    I recommend doing this 3-5 times a week. On days he doesn't do this either go for a long jog or nice easy swim. Build in at least one rest day.
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    Maxing the CFA obviously is another good arrow to have in your application quiver. When you are practicing, be sure to do the entire test with the prescribed (lack of) rest between events.

    If you have done this, and these are your scores, they are excellent.

    I will leave to others how best to train. Remember that, when you do the actual CFA, you get ZERO extra points for doing any element beyond the max score. So, if the max # of pushups is 75, doing 76+ only tires you out -- you won't get credit for a higher number and I'm not even sure the system can record it.
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    If your SAT scores "are not great" you should give the ACT a try. It has a different feel than the SAT and some perform much better on it. I know your question is CFA directed but if your scores aren't spot on, I think that would have a greater negative impact. As is often said here, no one piece of the puzzle will be the deciding factor. It's the whole candidate. Go luck!
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    The CFA will not get you into USNA, but it can keep you out. If all other factors were the same, a higher CFA would give you a leg up, but academic aptitude and physical prowess are two different elements or the admissions process. If the Admissions Board does not think you are academically prepared to succeed at USNA (ie. combination of grades, class standing and testing (ACT/SAT), you will not get in even if you max the CFA.
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    WHat about swimming wise, How could you prepare for that?
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    More than anything if you are comfortable in the water, can tread water, at proficient in the freestyle stroke you will be fine. Plebe Summer swimming isn't hard. It's more a time to identify those who can't swim, give the body some recovery time and just another training evolution. If you are good with all that don't worry about it. Plenty of time on ac year to swim. If you can't swim or are uncomfortable in the water, if you have the means then get a swim coach. Work on basics and getting comfortable in the water.