There is a great website www.cargolaw.com. It is a shipping loss site and has a ton of great info and links. It has a daily piracy report and daily upgrades on shipping info. Check it out, KP Dad.
Thanks KPMom for bumping this thread. My old link doesn't work anymore. Here's an update on what I'd posted about earlier. A bit scary but worth the "watch" when you've got 19 year olds running around the world as Merchant Mariners.

Return of the Pirates DVD


* Experts reveal why this ancient, illicit trade has made a comeback.
* Hear harrowing tales of encounters with modern pirates.
* See how the U.S. Coast Guard trains sailors in anti-piracy measures

Say "pirate" and the image conjured up is likely to be that of Blackbeard, Captain Kidd, or Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow. But there is nothing fictional about the war that is being waged on the world's waters, and nothing outdated about the tactics and technology deployed by today's pirates.

Over 90% of international trade travels by water and a new generation of criminals is blending terror tactics with time-tested methods to threaten this economic lifeline. Nations and corporations are racing to protect themselves and their goods, and though the pirates are still ahead, new international response units and mercenary ships are combating the attacks. The U.S. Coast Guard trains navies worldwide in anti-piracy measures, but corrupt law enforcement officials mar advances in their effectiveness. Today's pirate is organized, political, and will command world attention once again.