Piriformis Syndrome


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Jun 11, 2006
My son is currently being treated for ankle tendonitis and Piriformis Syndrome both in his right leg. The discomfort began toward the end of cross country season this year. He has had some physical therapy and is going to be fitted for orthotics. The x-rays have been negative for any issues. Both the doctor and the therapist are pretty confident that the right kind of orthotics will help him. They really think this was caused by wearing the wrong running shoes.

Assuming a dq, my question is: If the orthotics work and the minor pain is relieved, how long will DODMERB or West Point require him to be "cured" before moving forward in the process? He is taking no meds.

Thank you very much.
Your son will have two disqualifications, one for the current injury that can be removed once he has been released to full activities by his physician, and one for orthotics.

The orthotics disqualification will have to be waived by the waiver authorities.

You did not state if your son is a current applicant, who has been cleared already by DoDMERB, or if he has yet to apply.

If he has already been cleared by DoDMERB then I would suggest that your son write a statement explaining the injury and what is being done to treat it, gather copies of all the medical records concerning the injury, and send it all off to DoDMERB and the academy admissions office as soon as possible. As you get updates, forward them as well. I would have your son contact his admissions officer to let him/her know exactly what is going on.

If he has not applied yet, I would gather copies of all medical records, and continue to get copies as he progresses through his treatment. When he does have his DoDMERB physical exam, DoDMERB will request that information, and if you already have it on hand it makes the process that much quicker.

If there is something I have left out, or you are still unsure of what to do, feel free to ask your questions!!
Thank you very much. He's scheduled to take the physical next week. I have been gathering medical records for a couple days now and expect to have them ready for the next hurdles.

Thanks again for all you're doing.