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    So I am getting a plan together so that when it's time for college, I can be ready to go, (I'm a sophomore in high school). Now before anything else, I want to express that I have done my research and have been lurking on here so for the most part I know how this works, I am not one of those kids thinking, "I want to be an officer and have no idea where to start".

    With that being said, I am not 100% on how the SMP cadet portion of ROTC works. I know that you will drill with NG one weekend a month and have PT also. Secondly, don't you get some sort of extra pay/stipend? Please explain this to me.

    Also, how does the Split Training Option work? I realize that this is for like continuing school while in the military and I am under the impression that this makes you eligible for enlisted personnel tuition assistance. Am I correct?

    Thank you for your time and I hope to be back here for any questions I may have.
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    Short answer is a lot depends on your state. National Guard benefits will vary. Most will involve some level of TA(tuition assistance)but the use of these funds can limit you to NG after commissioning based on what the contract actually reads when you enlist and eventually(sophomore year of college at soonest) contract with ROTC. If you entlist in the Reserves that is a federal contract which I am not familar with since my DS is Ohio NG.

    SMP cadets can go to basic combat training (boot camp) and/or AIT depending on their unit and states requirements to issue benefits. Attending AIT will earn you GI Bill kicker money that helps many cadets fund their educational expenses outside of tuition.

    Check the forum for a link to the Golden Knights page on SMP.

    Read the various threads here on the forum and look for a poster from your state(or the state your school may be in) as this might get you information or a contact here on the forum from your area.

    Once you are a contracted SMP cadet there is also a ROTC stipend that starts at $350 a month and currently increases each year of college standing.

    Most NG units drill 1 weekend a month and 2 weeks in the summer, my DS has recently had 2 drills back to back(the last weekend one month and then the first weekend of the next, due to scheduling training locations. This is not the norm, but be aware it can happen).

    Hope some of this information helps as you continue to learn more about ROTC.
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    You are required to drill one weekend a month, some AROTC units have an arrangement with a local NG unit to count AROTC as Drill, that is why it is very important to work with your AROTC PMS, to get into a NG unit, that is willing to work with the ROTC PMS.

    Contracted cadets hold the pay-grade of a Sergeant (E-5) in their Guard or Reserve unit and serve as Officer trainees under the supervision and guidance of a Commissioned Officer. Pay for one weekend of Drill per month is approximately $288.00 per monthly drill (2012 pay rate; <2 years of service). Additionally, contracted SMP cadets receive the following ROTC subsistence allowance depending on academic year:
    $350 - Sophomores
    $450 - Juniors
    $500 - Seniors


    Upon successful completion of BCT, students are eligible to receive Federal Tuition Assistance (TA) which is $4,500/Yr, and up to an additional $4,500 for State TA if they join or are members of some states ARNG (up to $9,000/Yr). Also, upon successful completion of AIT, students are eligible for the Army GI Bill which pays $345/mo while enrolled as a full-time college student. Some MOS's qualify for bonuses and/or "kickers" which can be $350/mo upon joining Army ROTC. The type of MOS is not a critical factor when contracting as an SMP cadet since you will be on the "officer track" and under the supervision and mentorship of an Army Officer. The GI Bill simply adds a financial benefit during college in route to achieving your degree and commission as a Second Lieutenant. Altogether, an SMP cadet can receive over $1,400/mo while attending college full time - -meanwhile, federal TA and state TA (if in ARNG) pays for your college. NOTE: Students must achieve a minimum 2.5 CGPA per semester in order to retain Tuition Assistance.

    NG or AR only, Basic training one summer, AIT the following summer. One year to complete both.

    *With budget cuts, SMP may be difficult to get.

    What States/schools are you considering for college?
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