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Jun 9, 2006
this is me , my name is Steven from the Bronx, New York and i would like to know what should i work on. i just finished my freshman year in high school. i've have been wanting to go the Academy since 8th grade, i have already contacted my ALO and he came to my house and i asked a lot of questons, i plan to visit the academy soon. im not very atheletic, im over weight, but i run every day and manage to have a mile time of 7-9 minutes around there. im studying hard for the PSAT and SAT, i hope to be a national merit scholar. besides running, i lift wieghts. i want the academy sooo bad, please anyone help me and tell me what should i work on.


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The only thing, that I could tell you to work on (because I don't have to much experience) is your physical fitness. Try to get your mile down so that you can run 4-5 miles at a constant 7-8 min. pace, do tons and tons of pushups(I have done so many, I can't keep track anymore) work on pullups (they are easy as long as you practice them, work on situps, basketball throw, long jump, and sprinting for the shuttle run. You seem to have everything else figured out. Keep taking honors classes, and shoot for AP classes, if your school offers them. Try to get as close to straight A's as you can, and don't bomb the psat, sat, or act. Remember though, the letter grade is very important, but the most important thing is the knowledge that you get from the class. Other than that, great job!
everything looks good with the exception of your fitness. like usnahopeful said, run, do pushups, do pullups, but also make sure to eat healthy. make smoothies for breakfast, eat healthy for lunch and dinner and avoid snacking and drinking sodas. make sure you dont slip on your grades. pressures in high school can easily take you down. just keep your eye on the goal and you will make it. good luck!
c/falcon said:
thanxx, ill work hard, i want this more than anything.

That's the most important part.

Believe me, if I (who did and still does hate physical activity - and it shows), was able to get through NAPS and USNA, you can get through USAFA. You just have to want it more than it hurts to run and do pushups.

Good luck, man! Never quit! :thumb:

ETA: BTW, I grew up in Flushing. My sister went to Scanlon. Small world.
I would be happy if I just got into the Prep school. If I did that, than I would have a easier time in the Academy, I would be more adjusted to the environment. But even so, to get accepted to the Prep School I would have to pass the Physical Candidate Assesment. Oh by the way I like Flushing, I'ts a better place than the Bronx, lol.
I'll chime in here since I was BORN in flushing! (Which is why I'm probably the only NY mets fan on this or any other forum -- although this year, fans are coming out of the woodwork! :biggrin:

A question on this topic for Zaph or others: I always thought the prep school was primarily for those who might need to catch up on the academic side. Is it also something for those a little light on the athletic side? If so, this would indeed seem to be a possible avenue for falcon/c.
Well, I don't know of the details; but it seems that the New Mexico Military Institute's Air Force Academy Prep school program,, does not accept you unless you have passed all medical and physical exams of the Air Force Academy. I assume that the same thing applies to the Air Force Academy Prep School; considereing, the USAFAPS is the best Prep school to get accepted into.
OK ok, i expected the yankee thing. It's ok I don't hate em. Will we be taking the number 7 train this year? :shake: