Please Help


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Nov 19, 2017
My selection status has said unknown since the beginning of October. By now I'm assuming everyone who got awarded the first board has been notified. I got an email from an ROO stating I popped up on his National Scholarship List and my packet is marked as complete. What does this mean? I have never received anything in the mail and my status says "unknown" so if I'm on the ROO's list for national scholarship did I most likely receive one or did I not mAke the first board? Any help in answering this question would be appreciated, thank you.
It means exactly as your ROO stated. That your application is complete. However, you did not receive a scholarship offer from the first board. You would have been notified by now if you were selected this board. There have been some glitches with the scholarship portal webpage, but there are no errors on our end in the database.