Plebe Parent weekend


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May 26, 2015
Wife and I are driving back to Michigan after spending Plebe Parent weekend at West Point. For those new 2021 parents, this is the type of event that just reminds you as a parent how blessed we are. This is, bar none, the most special, and best, institution of learning in the world. I haven't experienced all others, but I am certain no other place could be close.

We stayed on base at the IHG, which we have done several times previously. It allows me to go for runs in the morning around the base and the cadet area, fully appreciating the magnificent beauty. The spender of the architecture both around the cadet area and everything that surrounds it, as well as the Hudson, rolling hills, mountains in the background, and neverending views is only surpassed by the culture, history, commitment to excellence on all levels, which manifests itself to anyone who pays attention.

I never visit WP without experiencing a confident feeling that my son is in great hands. When I am at home, and speaking with my son about his trials and tribulations, I worry about him, at least until the next time he calls and shares his excitement over accomplishments and happiness. But regardless, whenever I have the privilege to visit WP again I am reassured that he is in the best place possible.

West Point Cadets are the real deal, and as diverse as they are, they are bonded close. They are bright and funny, but still just kids learning; and they all really seem to want to learn, at every opportunity. It is so awesome being around them.

The staff is abundantly capable and conscientious, in addition to caring and available. Classes are small. We sat in on my son's psych class. It was engaging. I enjoyed it.

For the new moms and dads; don't miss a single opportunity to visit your Cadet at WP. It is a tremendous privilege and experience on so many levels. PPW was very well done. The briefings, the events, hanging and talking to other parents, the dinner and the Hop, all were memorable. Just awesome!

We are lucky.
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So did you run Stony Lonesome?
Ran around cemetery, then along Washington to the residential area that has houses on one side and the incredible view of the Hudson on the other. It leads to an old closed gate dead end. Then ran to to Thayer, then back to IHG hotel. This morning not anyone else out there. All the cadets were gone already. Usually lots of cadets pass me, and always say "good morning sir".
Ditto @brovol. We also left WP even more impressed than we already were - and we were already pretty darn impressed!
Ditto. DS is majoring in physics. Got to meet staff there and a math prof. Evening dinner was outstanding, meeting fine young men and women. spring break is going fast. I could not be more impressed with the staff at WP. Are there problems at times, of course anywhere human beings inhabit, there are problems at times, but this has to be the finest institution preparing some of the finest young adults in the US.

2021 Parents, don't miss a single event.