Plebe Summer Commanders


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Feb 1, 2009
Reg CDR: Midn CDR Cheij
Reg XO: Midn LCDR Brumbaugh
Reg OPS: Midn LCDR Reid
Port Batt CDR: Midn LCDR Simmler
STBD Batt CDR: Midn LCDR Aichele
I believe they will only be for the first set. All positions are changed in the middle of plebe summer.
Yeah, the worn out detailers are replaced in the middle of plebe summer and the motivation level peaks once again.
^^^^^I suggest you check the attitude before you arrive for Plebe Summer if you're even going to be there. The Detailers are by no means "worn out" To suggest so shows a real bag if an attitude. My prediction is you'll get eaten alive and spit out by change over.

Ever think that maybe we might have other training assignments that we need to complete? What a concept...
I was just pointing out an observation made by plebes at the academy. It makes sense if the detailers watch you 24/7 for only so long. Then they get replaced and plebe summer becomes more intense. I apologize if anything I've said is false.
There are a myriad of reasons why plebe summer staff is changed out in the middle of the summer.

First, the firsties need to complete their 1/C cruise and other summer programs and take leave. If they spent 6+ weeks on plebe summer, there would be time for little else.

Second, it is good for the plebes to have fresh leaders. It provides a change in leadership style and lets those plebes off to a great or terrible start have an opportunity to create new impressions with new leadership.

Third, it allows more 1/C to get this leadership opportunity.

Yes, it is tiring. But that alone would not be reason to switch mid-stream absent the others. Leading troops in battle day after day is certainly more tiring than running a bunch of plebes around.
I can personally tell you ( Having known them myself for 3 years and talking with them myself many times....)that Reid and Brumbaugh are amazing and outstanding midshipmen!!! They are best friends with my girl and we have been rooting for them to get these slots. And yes, this is block 1.

If you know of a 2013 Plebe or are a soon-to-be Plebe assured your offspring will have awesome Leadership at the helm of their first seconds/hours/days/weeks as part of the Brigade of Midshipmen.

Hey - thanks for the reassurance, nice to know we have such talent onboard.:thumb:
Peskemom - which of the twins? The original poster didn't differentiated which it is. By your post I will gather it is M. The other is currently the 1st Regimental Sergeant Major.

Let's just say they are extremely tired after being so dedicated to the new plebes. My daughter was on reg staff last year plebe summer (1st set). Everyday she was to bed at 2am and up at 5am. Would she do it all over again...she sure would. She went on to be company commander this past fall semester and is now on the brigade staff her last semester (along with being a captain of a sports team the whole year). All the mids who go out for a leadership position do it because they care and hope to make a difference.