Plebe Summer Questions


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Mar 31, 2008
Hey guys I got a few questions about plebe summer.

I know the rule is that you aren't supposed to wear contacts during plebe summer, but is there an exception to the rule during the sports period. Would you be able to wear them during the sports period if you take them out afterwards and go back to your BCG's?

What do you do about orthodontic retainers? Do you bring those with you on I-Day or should you have your parents send them to you?
On the retainers, bring them with you. They will not be taken away. You will only be able to wear them at night.
When I did Plebe Summer (both as a plebe and a detailer), the rule was absolutely no contacts. This is what I saw and enforced in the hall and during intramurals sports time.

Now for varsity sports teams that have headgear (like wrestling, football, LAX, etc.), I'm not sure how that worked as I could see BCGs getting in the way...