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Apr 13, 2007
Long time reader,first time poster! Proud and overwhelmed mom of 2011 USNA plebe. Scanning through thousands of pictures of plebe summer. (Thanks for info on dropshots.) Just wondering...Is being in the color guard for the parade a good thing? Does the plebe also do the marching drills with his platoon? What is the carrying another plebe exercise all about? I never realized what anxious summer this would be.
Is being in the color guard for the parade a good thing?

Yes. I know this first-hand as I was the port rifle in the Color Guard my Plebe Summer (which was a MAJOR PITA because I had to learn to do the manual of arms backwards).

Normally, those selected are either prior-enlisted or with extensived JROTC experience. I honestly don't remember HOW I was chosen; just that I was. Those who are chosen are chosen a few weeks into the program and before the first summer parade, and once chosen drill as a unit until the end of Plebe Summer.

No particular award or recognition follows being chosen, just the pride of having been so. I have some pretty cool pictures and movies of me in the Color Guard. :thumb:

What is the carrying another plebe exercise all about?

Teamwork and physical stamina. You gotta trust that the person next to you can haul your ass out of trouble if need be, and you have to prove you can do it if called upon.

I never realized what anxious summer this would be.

Think about the poor Plebes. :wink:
Well, ya learn somethin' new every day! I don't think I ever knew you were in Color Guard Plebe Summer, Z! How cool! Don't you think being a NAPster had something in your favor?

My kiddo was on her Nationally winning Civil Air Patrol team prior to USNA and I remember asking her at the end of Plebe Summer if she could have done that Color Guard team and she replied that they did offer the option to Plebes who were interested but the way her schedule worked out there was NO WAY she could get herself over to offer to volunteer.

When the Color Guard detail needs for this just past Naval Academy Summer Semninar came up - she did volunteer for that since she had the time and they needed help with that...She was a Cadre for that in June as part of her Block 1 summer training.
Don't you think being a NAPster had something in your favor?

Frankly, I think it had more to do with having 6 years of prior military school (in addition to NAPS) under my belt.

Also my height. :redface:
where did everyone go??

I'm a frequent viewer, but not a frequent seems not too many 2011 parents have been posting.
I do have a question? The itinerary for ppw doesn't list PEP as an activity we can attend nor does it include the reaffirmation ceremony. Any clues??
I'm such a newbie I don't even know how to do the quote thing... anyway, since my son is right out of high school I think his heigth was a major factor. In the picture they all looked about the same height! Thanks for the info.

Regarding PPW, I have the same questions as curious. I was also told that the Plebes want to eat/relax off the yard as much as possible. Any recommendations on eating lunch with our plebe in Dahlgren on Friday for lunch?
The Academy has made it clear that PEP is not a approved part of PPW. They have gone so far as to consider cancelling PEP on this day. They are not putting out bleachers as they have done in the past for PEP. I still bet you anything that there will be a lot of parents show up for PEP regardless. It was fine with me because I wasn't looking forward to getting up that early anyway.
If you've been sent an official schedule by USNA, you can pretty much count on what's listed as being open for you to attend and those things not listed either not open or not being held.

There is a new Commandant and new Superintendent, so things may have changed from previous years -- and may continue to change. Thus is life in the military.:rolleyes:
Any recommendations on eating lunch with our plebe in Dahlgren on Friday for lunch?

You may want to eat lunch in Dahlgren on Friday, but I will be willing to bet your Plebe will not want to. They really want to get off the yard asap. Remember it is their weekend, not really yours. Defer to them. They have followed someone elses lead for 6+ weeks and they really do need and want to be in control of something. :smile:
Amen, NT.

Your reunion may very well go something like this:

"Hi Mom. Hi Dad. Can we get out of here, please?"

The Official USNA parent list-serve has posted that indeed there is no parent invitation to friday morning PEP and there is no reaffirmation ceremony. Yes, things change when new Supes and 'Dants come in, welcome to the military.

As far as eating over PPW - yup, yup, make NO prior plans. Treat your Plebe as if they were the center of the universe and you were a genie. As much as possible let their wish be your command. If they want to sleep the whole time, let them. If they want to eat junk food, let them. If they want to watch 3 movies in a a row at the theater, or play video games nonstop or talk on the phone with everyone but you, please let them. They will have just survived 6 weeks of a pressure cooker and they will each have their own ways to decompress. Just having them seeing you standing there on Stribling Walk under the alphabet letter of your last name - and walking towards you in their Summer whites, and those first smiles, tears, hugs - will be the experience to mirror what you as parents felt when your saw your precious new baby in the hospital nursery isolette for the first time. Look forward to that moment, cherish it, and then let your Plebe steal the show after that.

Last year we discovered a bonus in the fact that we surprised our Plebe by bringing along her closest sibling - her older brother. She KNEW mom and dad were coming, but not our son. They talked nonstop for HOURS the entire weekend and all we parents had to do was shut up and listen. I think I asked 5 questions all weekend - she was so eager to talk with her brother and tell him everything that we could simply enjoy the 2 of them reconnecting and learned a heck of a lot more than if we had come alone and 'pumped' her for sharing.

Also the surprise was the first thing our Plebe wanted to do was eat at a fast food restaurant. I offered her the world...ANY expensive choice was hers...and she wanted a Wendy's shake, fries and hamburger. Funny thing - when we got there we discovered several other Plebes and their families there as well.

Expect your Plebe to ask to go see Harry Potter - and buy tickets ahead of time. Last year the blockbuster they all missed during Plebe Summer was the Pirates movie, which was already out for 6 weeks but on PPW the movie theaters at the Annapolis Mall were literally sold out with Pirates seats....and at our showing the entire theatre was filled with spanking-clean Plebes in their Summer Whites and their families.

bottom line?
be flexible
cherish the time
bring tissues

Peskemom - you are a "dumb as a fox"!!! :thumb: :biggrin:

As a parent of 4 - I know that there is nothing like two siblings getting together when they haven't seen each other for a while! Listening to the conversation is a blast and they say things to each other and open up right in front of you like you are not even there!

If you take a sibling, even younger ones, don't be surprised if they carry on and on! Sit back, listen and enjoy the ride. :wink:
We have just turned over with 1st Set Cadre. 2nd Set is now training the Plebes!
Any word why turnover was done at noon meal formation vice the formal parade?
Noon meal formation turnover?

Last year my plebe thought it was really cool having it at an evening parade with the clash of thunder and ensuing rain storm. (At least he laughs about it a year later :smile: )
Yes, that was really funny. It started raining cats & dogs about 2 mins after the Reg CDR sounded "Pass in Review". The (former) Supe's aid walked onto the parade field (in the rain) and directed about half the companies to not pass in review.