Plebe Summer


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Dec 4, 2007
Plebe Summer at USMMA. How does it work and how is it different than the other academies?

please and thank you.
It's much shorter than the other service academies, but that's really all I know. I doubt it's a walk in the park.
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Yep, its tough from the stories some Plebes have told me. You will do nothing "right" during Indoc they say. But, it's nothing that you can't do maxf90. Its physically rough, its mental agony, but you can do it. How it differs from other academies is that it is indeed shorter. Mainly due to students having the 11 months tri-mester system of the school year to jump straight in to. They have to move them on a little faster to get them ready to go to sea for Sea Year. A KP kid told me once that Indoc had been a breeze compared to the academics that were currently kicking his butt. :smile:

sounds extremely challenging, but from what I've heard very rewarding. I guess all I can really do is just my best.
I guess all I can really do is just my best.

Best quote I've heard from a potential candidate/candidate. All anyone will ever ask of you is to do your best. If you put out your best every day you will do well anywhere you go

My son said he wished he could do Indoc all over again....he's actually wanting to be a DI this summer for Indoc...go figure that one!

Indoc for 2012 will start on 10 July 08 FYI