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    Hello all, I'll be at the Academy come July 1 and just had a few questions.

    What is a typical daily schedule during Plebe Summer?

    Are weekends (ie free time) considered a real thing during Plebe Summer?

    Any other insight would be great. Thank you all!
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    Daily routine varies a bit but basically is the following M-Sat.

    Wake up around 0530 and do 90 minutes of PEP (PT). Shower, change and have morning meal formation. This is followed by a series of activities/lessons in topics such as: marching, honor, damage control, pistol and rifle shooting, sailing, obstacle/confidence course, swimming, etc. You have noon and evening meal formation, time to be quizzed on "rates" (plebe knowledge), etc. You also have uniform fittings, need to clean your room, do spirit activities, etc. Basically, every minute of your day is filled from 0530 - 2200.

    Saturday is like any other day. Sunday is a BIT more relaxed. There's no morning PT and, unless things have changed, you can "sleep in" until 0700 or 0730. There's optional church/chapel available. I think there MAY be some sort of free time in the afternoon (could be wrong about that) but in any case you can't leave the Yard and you can't have people visit you.

    I don't believe you have access to TV, computers, music, etc. throughout PS. You do get to make 2-3 phone calls home at specified times.

    It will be a culture shock but overall most plebes find PS not to be as "bad" as they'd feared.
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    Thank you usna1985.
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    You're fairly right...but there is no free time in the afternoon on Sundays, as soon as noon hits it is like a regular M-S day. There is no access to outside media, but a newspaper is often delivered. Just exercise and do a lot of running and be prepared to be busy. Good Luck.

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