Plebe Visitors


Jul 21, 2016
Are Plebes (during the school year) allowed to have visitors? And if so, how often?
If you mean like having a friend come and stay and hang in their room for the weekend? No. They will be able to visit on some weekends and hang out inside a 5 mile radius. Now, they could take pass and leave for the weekend, but there are limitations and rules, especially as a Plebe. They get more and more freedom as they progress through, but as far as I know they will never have non-Cadets hanging in their rooms (aside from official overnights for protective students, etc.). Apologies in advance if I misread the intent of the question.
No, you are absolutely correct in intent. For example, if my sister wanted to come visit me for a couple hours over a weekend - not even overnight. Would she be able to quite often over Plebe Year, assuming i dont have weekend duties? I understand that Plebes are not really allowed off campus, but I wasn't sure about visitors coming into their 5 mile radius.
Visitors won't be allowed in the cadet area (barracks/academic buildings) but you would be able to spend time with your sister within the walking privilege area on weekends (pretty much the rest of the public areas on post and Highland Falls).
You can find a quiet place to sit and visit (i.e. top floor of library) or if it's nice, any place outside. As long as there are no duties, this is not a problem.