Pneumothorax and AFROTC

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    During high school I suffered several pneumothoraces (collapsed lungs) that required hospital stays. On two separate occasions a minimally invasive procedure was needed and I received corrective surgery in February of 2012. It has almost been a year since the last episode and my doctors have told me that I will be able to live a normal life with no restrictions.

    I'm almost certain, however, that this will undoubtedly preclude me from flying but what about any other aspect of AFROTC? Can they drop me for having this history even though it was corrected? Will I be unable to take any other position because of this, such as CRO?

    (I'm joining this fall as an AS250)
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    First things first.

    To contract you will need a DoDMERB exam and just because your GP has said you can live a normal life, does not mean that you will not get DQ'd and have to go through the remedial or waiver process. DoDMERB DQs because they have specific regs. which include time frames, and severity. Branches waive.

    Get your medical records in order now.

    Secondly, there will be two types of commissioning medical exams. Rated and non-rated. I would assume that CRO's take the same type as the rated. It is a 3 day physical at WPAFB....key word ASSUME that you would go for the 3 day like rated.

    I would talk to your cadre ASAP because as a 250, you will need that exam to contract, and since SFT is on your horizon this yr., the clock is officially ticking.

    People assume that there is only one DoDMERB exam in their ROTC career. There are two. Entering for contracting, and exiting for commissioning.
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