Police Record Check NYC only


Mar 19, 2019
Got this directly from Admissions:

NEW YORK… try your local police station first.

One Police Plaza will NOT do the form. You will have to pay for this information and it is not refundable. If you are from New York City and your Police Department will not do your form you need to contact

New York State Unified Court System

OFFICE OF COURT ADMINISTRATION money order or check for $65 in person 68.00 online (subject to change)
25 Beaver Street
New York, New York 10004
(212) 428-2810

If you are in NYC this office is in the building with the NYS Lotto (4 train to bowling green)…..If you can’t get this done at your local police station you will have to pay to get it done online or in person but it is non refundable.

www.nycourts.gov/apps/chrs is the website. When you open it to the left it says Direct Access go there and create an Account. Put your information with a valid e-mail address…put in debit or credit card information…..then last name, first name and date of birth. You will receive a confirmation “job number”. If you have no record you should get an e-mail back within 5 minutes.

PM me for where to send it back, I deleted her contact so she was not bombarded with emails.
According to the West Point Dad's group, recruiting offices will do it, State Police, or County Sheriff offices.

Many have not had luck with local PD's.
Happens every year.
We just did it online. Took 5 minutes and cost $95. Went to West Point today and had his finger prints done.

We are right in Manhattan. 1pp wouldn’t take the USMA form
According to the West Point Dad's group, recruiting offices will do it, State Police, or County Sheriff offices

There's a New York State Police Barracks located in NYC on Randall's/Ward's Island. You could take the M35 bus there but I would advise against it...chances are that the ride would be memorable as that's the bus the homeless use to commute to & from their shelters which are on the island!

Troop NYC
1 Ward's Island, New York, NY 10035
Phone: (917) 492-7100

Also according to the Google:
Troop HQ SP Manhattan
36 Thomas Street, New York, NY 10007
@CmeB45: After posing your dilemma to a friend who works in 1PP, he emailed me back that the NYPD Public Inquiry Section, Certificate of Conduct and Non Criminal Fingerprint Section, Room 152-A can accommodate. I don't know of a criminal history search within NYC will satisfy USMA Admissions though.

The Certificates of Conduct (formerly known as Good Conduct Certificates) requests are criminal history searches within New York City. Individuals must apply in person at One Police Plaza, Room 152-A, Lower Manhattan. Applicants are fingerprinted at Police Headquarters and must submit a $50.00 money order or certified check payable to the New York City Police Department. Credit and debit cards are also accepted (debit cards must have a Visa or Master Card logo). Applicants must also provide valid identification. Processing normally takes approximately ten working days. The link below has more info.

Was sooooooo much easier doing it online and zipping up to WP for the fingerprinting. And I got to buy some WP mom swag :)

Having lived in NYC so long I avoid at all cost 3 locations. Times Square, the courts/downtown and Times Square... lol

@Wishful I truly appreciate you asking your 1pp connection. Great info!
@CmeB45: I see & agree with all of your above points...& would add the Cross Bronx & Van Wyck as well LOL Good Luck!