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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by BDHuff09, Sep 29, 2013.

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    I took the CFA last week and these were my results:

    BB Throw: 64 ft.
    Pull Ups: 15
    Shuttle Run: 9.68
    Sit Ups: 95
    Push Ups: 75
    Mile Run: 6:46

    I realize the Mile and BB Throw are a tad below average for a male, but both were personal bests for me and I feel reasonably comfortable with them. I am worried about the shuttle run, because the average is 9.1. My Dad thinks that as long as I went under 10 seconds I will be fine, but I am still unsure. Is the Shuttle Run score low enough to force me to retake the CFA?
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    No one can tell you for certain b/c USNA doesn't release "minimum" scores. If you didn't pass, they will tell you. Your BGO will also know -- but won't know what event(s) caused you to fail.

    If you believe you can improve, consider retaking the test.
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    The keys to the shuttle runs are to take little steps, stay low, use your arms to pump your legs and make quick turns.

    Practice, work on them (and all of the other CFA tests), retake the test until you're satified that you've done your best. Then relax. You've done all that you can do.

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