Possibility of waiver for previous bouts with depression and immune disorders


Hannah B
5-Year Member
Nov 27, 2013
I'm looking at at applying to USNA this spring of my junior year. I have everything in order to go full speed ahead with my pursuit of nominations and an acceptance letter, but am concerned with getting medical waivers for a few things. I was diagnosed with Lupus and Juvenile RA at a young age. I was hospitalized 3 times when I was much younger, but am now in complete remission and am off all of my medication. However, as a result of these illnesses and hospitalizations, I ended up with some serious, but treatable depression. I was hospitalized twice to get meds stabilized, and am now completely mentally healthy and off all medication. What are my chances of these things being over looked? Without these two issues dragging me down, I hope to be an exceptionally competitive candidate. I have a 4.0 GPA, got top scores on my PSAT and hope to do the same on my ACT and SAT. Though I don't compete in team sports, I compete in Speech and Debate, preform in theatrical productions, have hundreds of volunteer hours and am very involved with my community. I also keep myself extremely physically fit in preparation for military life.
You have already accomplished a great deal and with your determination you have tremendous potential. Your history will likely trigger automatic DQ's though they may be waiverable. You won't know unless you apply.

One more thing. It would be smart to remove personal references, including name and your location. Good luck.