Possible Medical Disqualifier?

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    I've began my application process to the Naval Academy for next year's entering class and I'm confident that I have a good shot at getting in, but I'm unsure whether or not this is a disqualification. As a freshman I broke my right forearm pretty badly and I had to have plates and pins installed. It healed quickly and my bone is now fully healed. However, the hardware is still in there. The doctor said it wasn't a concern as the pins don't affect bone growth. The pins don't cause any issues at all and I can do everything I did before the break. Would this be considered a DQ, and if it is, how easy would it be to get a medical waiver?
    I appreciate any helpful responses.
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    If you are completely healed with no restrictions (per your doctor), you are not likely to have issues with DoDMERB. They may do a remedial seeking additional information but otherwise you should be ok especially if (a) it has been a couple of years (b) can demonstrate it has not impaired your ability to compete in athletics.

    If you were not physically active before the break, being able to do everything you did before the break is not necessarily a positive indication.

    You would not be the first appointee to show up with pins/screws from previous surgeries.
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    Every single medical situation is different. You won't know the answer until you go through the process. I suggest you get your packet at least 50% complete as early as possible, as this triggers the "invitation" for the medical exam. The earlier you get that done, the earlier you will know what, if any, remedials you'll need and/or what documents you will need to provide. You should start gathering all of your medical records from that injury so you'll have them ready if/when requested.

    As for waivers, everyone is automatically considered for a waiver. USNA focuses on waivers for those candidates who are going to be offered an appointment (one exception to this might be colorblindness, which is a less individualized determination). Thus, you need do nothing except provide the information requested by DODMERB.
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    Generally speaking it should not be a DQ if you are back to 100%.
    My DS broke his collarbone in 7th grade and had a plate and screws put in and remained there. Prior to Dodmerb,We went back to his original surgeon for an evaluation and a letter from him stating DS was fully recovered with no restrictions. DS brought the letter to Dodmerb physical and we never heard anything about it since. He passed Dodmerb with no issues and never needing a waiver.

    So if you are indeed fully recovered, I recommend getting a similar letter from your surgeon (or any MD) prior to your Dodmerb physical, it will hopefully save you time later on.
    Best of luck
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    I agree with shock-n-awe, see your surgeon, get a letter and have all of your medical records available ahead of time so you can immediately answer all remedials. The process takes time so start early, answer promptly and persevere. Best of luck!
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    Amen to this.
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    Our son broke his foot TWICE the summer before his senior year and had pins/plates put in. He was medically DQ and then two of the SA requested a waiver and both were granted. Any notes and a letter from your surgeon/coach to DODMERB proved helpful. Thankfully, this summer our son will be on his way to the academy. Best of luck!
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    Being serious, do the metal detectors go off when you go through airport security?
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    My now Firstie snapped his femur while in 8th grade. Plate and screws hold it together. Looking forward to Commissioning Week next year.