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Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by nsbUSNA, May 7, 2014.

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    Oct 23, 2013
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    I've been having knee issues from track and my mom wants me to get an x-ray/mri. If this leads to surgery I know I have to report it to DODMERB but should it be a major issue if the surgery and recovery all goes well? Would it be waivable/would I need a waiver? It would be my first surgery of any kind. I know this, like everything, depends on the situation and other factors but does anyone have experience with this?

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    If you need surgery, have it done. Your health comes first. Always. However, if you need surgery, it may complicate your scholarship/appointment. If attending a SA, you'll have about 50 days (from today) to have the procedure, rehab, and be cleared for 100% unrestricted activity. If the Dr. says 8 weeks to heal, you will not get cleared until those 8 weeks are up.

    Since you have yet to see the doctor, you may be worrying about nothing. See your Dr. and explain your situation. Then, together, make the best plan for your health. Best wishes. :thumb:
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    Jun 9, 2006
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    Agree that your health is THE single most important thing.

    WRT USNA, since you're looking for the Class of 2019, you have plenty of time. IF . . . IF you need surgery, suggest having it done sooner rather than later (assuming that's medically appropriate for you) so that you have plenty of time to heal fully.

    Surgery is typically a DQ but, as a general rule, if you recover fully and your doctor certifies that you are fit for all activities, you should get a waiver. Thus, you may want to wait until you've fully recovered before entering the DODMERB process, as they will need to wait until you've recovered in order to make a determination on your case.

    Then again, the doctor may say it's just a muscle strain and a few days/weeks of rest will be all you need. Here's hoping!:thumb:
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    Nov 30, 2013
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    Something to think about....

    I frequently read posts of young hopefuls that question if they will qualify for a waiver and whatnot. What I think many young folks don't consider is there is a good reason the military is so strict with medical standards. What if they do get a waiver for some medial condition, and eight years into their military career they become medically disqualified to serve due to that pre-existing injury? Heck, even healthy (no surgury) body parts fail at a drastic rate because of the wear and tear the military will put on them! Yeah, they'll get a small retirement, but won't make enough $$ from that retirement to support themselves or a family. They'll find themselves back in the job market, eight years removed from civilian experience, with a medidal disability, competing for jobs against other young, healthy college grads.

    Sometimes God's greatest gifts are those unanswered prayers. Garth got it right when he said that. Just something to consider......

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