Post Taps Christmas "concert" at VMI


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Feb 2, 2008
Life at VMI can be hard- but Cadets make their own fun. This youtube video was shot shortly before Christmas- my son told me this was a big hit- an impromptu Christmas concert by a very talented cadet immediately following taps- note the appreciative cheers from his audience in barracks.Can you identify the tune?
I laughed. Out loud. Then applauded.
Thanks Bruno for sharing. :thumb:
I laughed. Out loud. Then applauded.
Thanks Bruno for sharing. :thumb:
My son describes this Second Classman as "one of those guys who can do everything". He's the Operations Sgt for the company (a line company not Band Company!), wears Ac Stars, is going to be commissioned in the USMC and my son says is just generally a squared away guy. "Schroeder" would be proud- as you can see/ hear from the video- lifted the spirits of 1350 Cadets going into Christmas exam period.
Good work! :thumb:
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I've often wondered when this tradition began. It's been happening (sanctioned) for at least four years now. Without a doubt, the best time of the entire school year is the couple of weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Partially because we all know it's almost over, and partially because of the little morale boosters like the Christmas carol after Taps.

I remember my rat year, the first time they did it. We had just had our traditional "welcome back" sweat party, and hearing that Christmas carol did wonders for our morale. My roommate and I were just certain the bugler would receive a huge penalty, because we didn't realize it's a sanctioned activity. :rolleyes:

This year there wasn't very much Christmas spirit in barracks though. In years past you'd see cadets standing in their doorways in nearly all the rooms, singing along and then either cheering or booing depending on how well the bugler played. :smile: But this year there didn't seem to be so many people participating.

Normally it's just the bugler who plays Taps that plays a Christmas carol right after, but sometimes there will be a special performance, like this one. They also have a couple nights when the quartet plays.

My Third Class year (Fall '06), two buglers played Echo Taps right before the traditional duet trumpet rendition of "Feliz Navidad". That stands out in my memory as the best Christmas carol ever.
Josh Dixon played the music at the marriage of my son (USMA 08) to a VMI December 08 grad on Dec 27th. What a great guy! It was fun to find him here playing the carol. :biggrin: