Potential for LOA


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Jun 8, 2008
My son has attended both SLS and NASS for 2008. It seems so long ago, but it was just last month. Well anyway, He passed the CFA at both programs and was told that he already has "passed" the physical test that is given to a typical Midshipman at the USNA (he had a name for it, but I don't remeber what it is called). He took the DoDMERB and presumably has no medical issues (I wish I were a healthy as he is - but better him than me). The results are not in yet.

He has a great academic background; 95 unweighted average with all honors / AP classes. SAT Math=790, English = 550, Reading = 640, ACT English = 34, Math = 31, Composite = 33 (all officially reported to USMA). He is an average track and field athlete. He is a Boy Scout / Eagle candiate. His high school just sent his official 11th grade transcript to USMA a week ago. He was not one of those award winners at the SLS, but he still had a ball and performed well.

Is it possible to guess the probability of getting an early LOA from USMA (like July or August). What about the USNA (September or October)? We are from the Suffolk County, NY area (Long Island). Are LOAs "rationed" based upon geography? If so, is he in a better or worse position due to geography?
I would say the likelyhood is pretty good. I am by no means an expert in LOAs but I can give you an idea based on my own experiences.

I received an LOA last week. I went to SLS this summer as well (what week did your son attend?). I'm not sure what my "unweighted average" is but I can tell you that of all the classes I've taken in high school (Honors, AP and regular) I've never had an end of the year grade lower than a 95. I had roughly the same SAT scores (Eng: 730, Math: 650, Writting: 570) and a little lower on the ACT (composite: 31).

other than academics i play soccer for a club team as well as for school (varsity since freshman year) as well as speech and debate, NHS and a few other misc. clubs.

hope that gives you some kind of idea.
My son was at SLS June 7 through June 13. At this time he has not received an LOA from USMA. We'll see what transpires.
LOA came today

My son got his LOA from the USMA today. Since he has passed everything else, it is only contingent upon submitting the paperwork, doing good in his senior year, and a nomination. Also, he was a couple of pound over the weight limit becuase of his large frame and muscular build (no fat). I believe he will need to either lose about 2 pounds, grow an inch without gaining weight, or have a body mass estimate done. I'm sure the academy has a process for this.

He is totally thrilled with the news.
Congratulations!! Now just keep him focused on the end goal, and wrap him in bubble wrap! :shake:
Congratulations to you and your son. Now you just have to hope that everything goes smoothly with DoDMERB!
congrats! Now get to work on the MOC nom apps...tempus fugit!
Actually, he is done with DODmerb. He was deemed qualified. The weight thing is not a waiver issue -its considered an "infraction" that need so be addressed. In his case justify the weight via a body mass estimate, or just lose a couple of pounds (which he probably already did since X country practice has started).