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    Nov 24, 2016
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    I just did a practice CFA, and I am not happy with my scores. My scores are below.

    Basketball Throw - Didn't measure
    Pull-Ups - 7
    Shuttle Run - 9.8 or 10.0
    Sit-Ups - 81
    Push Ups - 42
    Mile Run - 6:30

    Do you think I would have passed or failed based on these scores? What needs to be improved the most?

    Thank you for your help!
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    Oct 15, 2017
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    Why didn't you measure the BB throw?
    Did you do them all in order in the allotted time frame?

    The Air Force Academy lists goals as;

    BB Throw: 60'-0"
    Pull Ups: 12
    Shuttle Run: 8.1 sec.
    Sit-Ups (crunches): 81
    Push Ups: 62
    Mile: 6:29

    USNA on the other hand, does not state what their "goals" are, and prefers to keep everyone guessing.
    Still, I think that one can expect that the Air Force goals are what you want to strive to reach or exceed for USNA.
    What a "passing score" is, is anyone's guess.
    The only way you can get better at pull ups and push-ups is to do them, a lot.
    The mile is good. If you can consistently run a mile in 6:00 to 6:30 after doing all the above in the time frame allotted, you will be fine.

    One thing you will do plenty of in the Military, is running.
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    Nov 20, 2017
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    I passed and here's my scores as best I remember. We're not that far apart.
    BB throw: 58'
    Pull ups: 2
    Shuttle runn: 10.0
    Sit ups: 90
    Push ups: 70
    Mile run: 7:09
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    Nov 26, 2017
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    Which academy did you pass for?
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    You've almost certainly passed. For the real thing, try to improve your push-ups to >50.

    USNA doesn't publish minimum or average scores or even "goals." They want everyone to do their very best/strive for the max, not "settle" for something less. You can get a sense of your scores by looking at the max for each event. For example, if the max is 90 and you do 85, that's obviously excellent. If you do 40, not so much. While you may not know if 40 is failing, you have to know it's not great or even good.

    Finally, for those folks who still haven't taken your CFA, DO IT NOW!!! Several reasons. First, in most places, the weather is getting worse. The SAs don't have much sympathy for the "it was cold and snowing" excuse when you could have taken the CFA in June, July, August, September . . . Second, you're getting into the holiday season where the administrators are busy and I've seen candidates not be able to find someone to administer the test at the end. Third, if you fail for whatever reason now (you're ill, weather was terrible, you had a bad day), you still have plenty of time to retake. If you wait until late Jan., you may not have time to retake or the time to improve so that you pass. Fourth, if you're in line for an appointment, it won't come until you have submitted a passing CFA.
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