Pre candidate questionnaire


Oct 2, 2016
Hey everyone,
So I just finished the pre candidate questionnaire, and it seemed to be too short. It didn't ask me to specify my grades or extracurricular activities, unlike summer seminar which did. I didn't choose to use my summer seminar application as my pre-candidate one, so I think I might be missing something. Is it supposed to be like this, or is there more? Thanks
I kind of thought the same thing last year. Your big application should come around July. That will be the one you're thinking of with Essays, required documents, and a CFA. Take advantage of this time. Start preparing for the CFA, finish your Junior year strong, and start looking into noms.

Trust me, once you dive into the "normal" application you'll miss the simplicity of the pre-can.
Jeffrey, if you are thinking of playing a DivI sport at USAFA, fill out the athletic pre-candidate thingie too.