Pre-Plebe Relationships


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Jan 22, 2008
I will be beginning plebe summer in a few weeks and I am unsure about what to do regarding my girlfriend situation. We have been together for 2 years and she will be attending a civilian college in the fall. I didn't know if we should stop things now or whether we should just see how things go. To be honest I don't want to break it off, but I know I'll just be weighing her down. What are some examples of plebe relationships with people outside the academy and how they turned out?
I don't know any specific relationships, but I know that it can be tough with any long distance relationship. If you two can make it work over the next four years, then the relationship will be a lot stronger.
Some succeed; more fail. There's no recipe for success nor simple explanation as to failure. Most "couples" find the first year difficult -- the plebe has very few opportunities to "drag" and his/her life is consumed by USNA and the military. The non-mid is (usually) at college and open to a vast social scene, making it hard not to go out with other people. But that doesn't mean a relationship is doomed -- many folks have stuck it out for 4 yrs at USNA and a lifetime thereafter.

More than 20 yrs out, I know people who married their h.s. sweetheart and are still married and many who entered USNA with a boy/girlfriend and it fell apart in less than a year. Lots who met someone while at USNA (civilian or fellow mid). Many who didn't meet the right person until well after graduation. As with most of society, some are still married, some have been married more than once, etc.

Do what feels right for both of you.
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Do what feels right for both of you.

I agree with USNA1985 here.

My son started dating his girlfriend during sophomore year of h.s. He just finished his plebe year at USMA (plus a year of prep at NMMI before that) and they are still together. I think it helps that her college is in New York so they were able to see each other a few times per semester and during Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring breaks. Still it is a long distance relationship most of the time.