Prep Nomination


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Dec 28, 2017
I am currently a Naval Academy Foundations Prep, I applied to all possible sources for a nomination but I am certain that I won't be receiving one from either senator or congressman. Should I worry that I will not get a nomination or will I automatically receive the Vice Presidential Nom? (I do not qualify for any of the other sources).
More than likely you will get a Sec Nav Nom. It’s why you guys sign reserve enlistment papers to open this option. As long as you applied for every Nom possible, you have done what you are supposed to do. Enjoy the rest of break, stay out of trouble and finish strong. As spring comes, lots of folks get to comfortable and don’t pass that last PRT or get in trouble.
Hmmm. I just talked to Capt. Wallace yesterday and he is the man when it comes to the foundation. He told me that as long as you have proof that you applied for every nomination possible (Pres (if applicable), vice pres, both senators, and your congressman), you will get in. You may want to give him a call. The guy is amazing. In fact, being a foundation prep, he should be your BGO.
Unlike NAPSters, Foundation students do not enlist. However, if they do not secure a nomination on their own (and make reasonable efforts to do so) and successfully complete the prep program, they will still be appointed. I believe they are charged to SecNav, just as are most folks who are appointed out of the National Pool.