Prep School Question


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Dec 22, 2008
Im am looking into prep schools, just in case I don't get into a SA. I am considering Greystone Preparatory since it is close by and on their youtube video they say that 95% of the people get appointments which, if i am correct, is better than the actual prep schools at the academy's. But my concern is that the falcon foundation does not offer scholarships to this school, for which I do not know why. But I think the Naval Academy does offer scholarships to Greystone. My question is should I go with Greystone since it is close by and they seem to have a high appointment rate or should I go with a school sponsored by the falcon foundation even if I don't have a scholarship?
If you do not get in to USAFA this year, it is wise to contact admissions and find out what areas you need to strengthen. This will give you the best information about what they want from you. It is often academics, but it can also be leadership, ECs, etc. If you research the different prep schools they each have a unique approach and you want to choose the one that addresses your situation.

I would also apply for an AFROTC scholarship and apply for academic scholarships to civilian universities (just in case of a medical issue). These are also both good ways to build your packet and strengthen your chances.

My son is currently a Falcon Scholar at MMI. He has told me there are 1 or 2 that are "free agents" this year. I can give you information about his experience at MMI if you are interested.

Best of luck and keep working hard!
The key to remember for the AFA, prep school is typically offered to someone that has a weakness in their PAR, for example you may have a great gpa and weak SAT/ACT. I too would call if you get the thin letter to find out why, or at least work through your ALO. I believe the rule is if you do not get accepted by the AFA, they will typically switch your ALO, "fresh eyes" philosophy.

I too would apply for AFROTC, because AFROTC also has the ability to nom a candidate.

All of that said it is good you are thinking of back up plans, too often candidates get shocked when they get a prep slot and have never researched the process.