Prep School


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Sep 14, 2008
Ok, I have many questions about the prep school.

-How similar is it to the Academy?
-Is there a "BCT" in the summer? If so how long?
-When does one find out if they are accepted to the prep school?
-Are there clubs and activities to get involved in?
-Do you get more time off than cadets at the academy (in regards to weekends and holidays)?
-What percentage prep schoolers get accepted the second time applying to USAFA?

Thank you for everything, I will be posting this on the other site as well.
it is supposed to prepare you for the Academy. it's a jump start in academics as well as the military training. there is a BCT but a little shorter than the Academy's. you get more free weekends and can wear civvies. if not a direct entry into the Academy, i think the website says about 80% are accepted to the Academy after the P. The leadership is totally different. At the Prep School, you guys are the ones runing the place. at the academyk, it's the upperclassmen.
thanks man, I had a general idea of what it was just needed some in depth info
Is one assigned to a prep school? Say, is one assigned to Northwestern Prep then you are on your own second semester? Is it better to be assigned to AFAPrep? Valley Forge?
There is a big difference in processes from the AFA prep school to the Falcon Foundation prep schools. This thread has been about AFA prep more I'd say. FF schools, you get to choose which one to go to.

I have had room mates at Valley Force and at Marion. I have a good friend who is a preppie. A guy I graduated with went to NMMI before USAFA. Based on their inputs, I'd order the ratings as AFAPrep>Marion>NMMI>VF.