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    Hello all, just had a quick question in regards to an interesting situation.

    I am interested in West Point and USNA, am triple Q'd (for West Point at least), and am sitting on a congressional nom for both. I currently attend a Prep School, a Naval Academy Foundation Prep School. I am not apart of the foundation program, I am just a regular student at this school and have been for four years. I was just wondering if already being at a Foundation Prep School would have any real weight in my application? Would it just play into the "strength of high school" category?

    Thanks all, good luck on your apps and congrats to you who have gotten BFEs already.
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    I think your instinct is largely correct. USNA is obviously aware of and endorses the academics at Foundation prep schools. If you have done well at such a school, it obviously helps from a "strength of school" standpoint. Also, having the extra year brings additional maturity, which USNA likes.

    However, as you already know, if you're not a sponsored student, there is not the nearly-automatic appointment process as there is for those Prep students who successfully complete the program.

    Sounds like you've done all you can do -- hope it works out for you!