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Jan 27, 2009
This is proably a really dumb question but

Where do Coast Guard Academy Prep kids go?

To a civilian military college such as vmi, mmi,nmmi?

I know the Naval and Army Academies have their own prep school so i was just wondering
Coast Guard Academy scholars attend two schools:

  • Marion Military Institute (Marion, Alabama)

  • New Mexico Military Institute (Roswell, New Mexico)
After successfully completing a year at the prep school, most will be offered a full appointment at USCGA.
For whatever reason, most of the preps in 2012 went to NMMI. I'm not sure if they try and get as many there as possible or if they picked to go there or what, but I only know of a couple kids that went to MMI. They're both just as good as the other, it's just an observation.
How many prep kids are there?

and so do you go back into the pool with all the new applicant when early action starts or do hey give the prep people spots before EA
CGA has about 60 kids that go to MMI or NMMI
MMA has about 20-30 kids that go to NMMI

.. according to the brochure that I just read thru again it says approx. 85% enroll into the academy in one year..

I am not sure when the CGA kids knows but a friend of my daughters is at the AFA prep school, and she will not find out until the end of the school year as she has to maintain a GOA to go to AFA..
j collins where in washington are you from?

Im from Anacortes on the island above oak harbor
My D is at MMI right now with approximately 15 Coast Guard Prep cadets. When we visited the CGA, they said that they only contracted for 15 at MMI. The other 45 went to NMMI. I'm not sure how the kids were matched with prep schools, but they didn't really have any say in the decision (at least my D didn't). When we asked, they just said that they took the needs of each cadet into consideration and each school had their particular strengths and they tried to match cadets to the best school for them. In one case, a MMI prep school cadet is a NMMI high school graduate so I'm guessing they wanted to take him out of his comfort zone.

As far as when they will receive their appointments: My D says that her Academy advisor told them that they might hear as early as February, as late as April. We know they hear later than the sponsored cadets for other academies (10 West Pointers heard last week and another expected their appointments this week).
o nice by McCord and Ft Lewis right?

Yeah bout 15 minutes from the AFB and 20 or so to Post. and 5 minutes from the sound :)
do you have a child that got the CGA scholars booklet also????
I am a kid?
what is this book you speak offf?

cool.. you are the kid...
there was a brochure that they sent to some early Applicants... my daughter received one when her files was deferred. It just tells about the program.
o yeah i am
im a sophmore so I still have a while till i can apply
thats why im bombbarding everyone with questions
:) nothing wrong with getting started early! :)
speakiing of questions ok so

uh im going on a foriegn exchange next year to italy what would be my junnior year,
but i decided im just gonna repeat my junior year wwhen i get back because i am young for my grade
would the coast guard look down on this that i techinally spend 5 years in high school even though one was on forign exchange?
i personally of two kids in my company (classmates as well) who went on exchange, one to Norway and one to Germany. I'm not sure how long they were there but it didn't seem to hurt them too badly.
Ok im confused you guys said that if you completed a year at prep school you MIGHT be offered an appointment to the academy

but I was reading this Pocket Guide I recieved from the USCGA and it says people who made it throught their year were obbligated to accept an appointment to the academy

Im proably really dumb
and luigi or LITS will provide me with a quick anwser than make perfect sense
thank you ahead of time
not all prep schoolers meet the requirements after their 10 months at the prep school... they must maintain a gpa and I beleive they have to retake the SAT as well, but I am not sure about that SAT part.

All Scholars are enlisted into the CG as an E-2 and go to the Academy for 2 weeks in June then home then report in to the Prep School when school starts.

:) I've got the book :) and I read it :)