Preparing for Plebe Summer

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    What should one do to prepare for Plebe Summer? I already run about 60-70 miles a week for cross country and track, but what else should I be doing?
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    Continue your running, and when you get your package to report you will find a recommended fitness routine - follow that. Physical fitness is big during Plebe Summer as it is a rigorous period exacerbated by high heat and oppressive humidity - remember that much of the east coast was swamp. Try to get a copy of Reef Points, or parts of it may be in the packet... learn some of the basic stuff; eg, Chain of Command, Mission, Rank insignia, etc. Don't take any risks you know are not right bright, keep out of trouble with the law people, otherwise enjoy the few weeks you will have between graduation and I-day. NAVY will take care of the rest of your summer! Best wishes.
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    From USNA Plebe Summer Website

    Here's some gouge from the Plebe Summer Website that may be helpful to you. Exercise Routine.pdf

    For the administrative chain of command, some of the names may not be current but can easily be found. Cheers.
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