Preparing to apply (building resume & training)


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Jan 2, 2009
Hi, I'm a sophomore in high school who has decided that he wants to go to West Point more than anything in else in the world, and is willing to sacrifice to get there. Academically, I feel that I'm on track, 4.25 GPA, 2nd in class, 1280 on SAT's(plan on retaking a couple times), all honors classes. However, I realized that the other aspects of my application might need work. I currently play hockey and football, and am a member of FBLA, but i plan joining spring track, TSA(Engineering Club), and running for class office next year. I also considered forgoing a part-time job, and instead racking up around 15-20 hours a week in community service, because I figured that would be more beneficial. And in regards to the CFA, I can currently do 40 push-ups, 40 sit-ups, and only 1 pull-up. I have put together a training routine to help get stronger.
Set 1: 25 Push-up, 25 Sit-up, 1 pull-up x 3
Set 2: 30 Push-up, 30 Sit-up, 1 pull-up x3
Set 3: 35 Push-up, 35 Sit-up, 1 pull-up x4
Set 4: 25 Push-up, 25 Sit-up, 1 pull-up x2
I plan on reevaluating this every 4 weeks based on my gains. I'm new to this forum, but I have found it very helpful in starting to make an action plan for applying to West Point. I would appreciate any suggestions or comments on how I could improve my plan. Thank you all very much for all the help you have already given to me.
1280 total? If so, that should be the focal point of your resume as of now. Continue to excel in school and start taking some AP classes. Do your best in the sports and try to gain some leadership positions inside and outside of school. Personally, I barely trained for the CFA cause I was already fit from my sports so keep that in mind.
Surely he meant 1280 math/verbal combined. Please say yes. :shake: Seek leadership. If you are in scouts, finish. By junior/senior year, you should be captaining your teams. See if you can take out the kid that is ahead of you so you can be first in your class! :thumb:
sorry yeah 1280 math and verbal. Also I'm considering volunteering in my local MoC's office. Will that help with a nomination??
sorry yeah 1280 math and verbal. Also I'm considering volunteering in my local MoC's office. Will that help with a nomination??

It might help getting to know more about your MOC but you shouldn't rely on that to help get a nomination...
Also I'm considering volunteering in my local MoC's office. Will that help with a nomination??

Usually this makes no difference. Most MOC's have a committee who interview and decide on the nominations. For my son, the committee was a couple of SA alums and a couple of active duty officers (one Army, one Air Force).

Just don't spread yourself too thin. It is better to pick 2 or 3 activities and be very involved than to just dabble in a bunch of clubs/activities.

Good luck! :thumb:
Thanks so much everyone for all the help. In regards to activities you can't be a varsity captain at our school until your a senior, but next year I plan on getting officer positions in Student Government, TSA, FBLA, and NHS. Hope that will impress the admission office. Thanks once again, and good look to all of you applying to a service academy.
It is good to see someone else on this forum who is only a 10th grader, and even better that you want to go to West Point.

Drawing on your GPA, you have a 4.25, my school does not give over a 4.0 no matter what honors classes you take. Do you think this will affect my resume compared to others whom have above a 4.0?
Your transcript will be evaluated against the rigors of your school. That is why the counselors fill out the forms they do. WP will know 4.0 is as good as it gets at your school.