Prescribed adderall while enlisted


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Sep 10, 2016
The reason I enlisted was for the sole purpose of joining the Green to Gold Program. My NCO told me that the army can not medboard a soldier for ADHD, ADD, anxiety, etc after enlistment, so I decided to go to behavior health to talk to a profession about a little anxiety caused by simply being a brand new, straight out of basic private in a brand new country i'm assuming. She recommended I take the ADHD test, and I wound up being in the 90 percentile. I specifically told her that I was trying to go green to gold ASAP and I didnt want anything that would jeopardize my chances in any way. She assured me that illnesses such as schizophrenia and others of that nature would be a problem, otherwise there was no issue whatsoever. From there I was prescribed adderall. Out of four months, Ive taken the medication around 12-15 times. I do not need this medication to function throughout the day by any means, and I have tried making appointments to stop "treatment" in the past, but they book weeks, if not months in advance and being an MP... you really cant schedule that far in advance.

Tonight I googled "West Point and Adderall" and to my surprise, I am no longer qualified for West Point, nor any ROTC program. A lot of people stated that I must be "weened" off the medication for a year to prove that I can perform without it before I can even APPLY to any college. Getting accepted to a college can take months; months that I do not have. I did not plan on PCSing to another duty station before I got green to gold, but that might be my only option now.
Is there anything I can do? Again, the medication is practically collecting dust, I was misinformed from the start, Im not addicted to adderall and have gone my entire life without a diagnosis nor treatment, and Im honestly freaking out.

I know this forum is long but any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!


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Nov 25, 2007
Unless things have changed you have to be off a year and perform well off.


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Jul 1, 2013
I saw you mentioned anxiety. I would look at your medical record for your official diagnosis, total length of treatment, etc. You're keying in on the ADHD when you might be DQ'd for the anxiety.