1. H

    Question about Enlisting the way into West Point

    I am 17, a high school senior, and I am soon enlisting through the Delayed Entry Program. I know the Army is definitely for me. I seek a lifetime of service. And, of course, I am applying to West Point's Class of 2024 to get its particular lifestyle in higher education. I plan to submit...
  2. L

    ROTC Disenrollment - Enlistment

    Hello I am new to this thread I been dealing with some repayment issues if anyone would be of help. Last year I dis-enrolled myself from AROTC for no medical, or academic reason as a MS3 just simply wanted out, I was given the choice to pay back the scholarship or enlist, I told my PMS and...
  3. S

    I am in ROTC but having doubts about if I want to be an officer or enlist after college (ADVICE PLS

    So I am an MSI in an ARMY ROTC program.I love ROTC, I love the people, I love classes and what I am studying (International relations and russian). But I am having doubts now before contracting. I always wanted to serve and want to more than anything but I do not know if being an officer is...
  4. U

    Enlisted sailor applying to USAFA

    I'm applying to the USAFA c/o 2024 as an enlisted Navy sailor. I'm unfamiliar with the process of applying as prior enlisted to a service academy that's not the same branch as one's enlistment. I understand that I'd complete the same application as a civilian student, but what needs to be done...
  5. M

    Military Academy Acceptance While in DEP

    I was wondering if someone in the DEP enlisted program can be accepted into a US military academy? I have completed applications to the USNA, USAFA, and West Point for the current application year. I have also received nominations to all of these academies as well. I have high hopes and...
  6. P

    Prior Enlisted Army Questions

    Does anybody know how many dedicated slots there are for prior-enlisted soldiers? Is it split into reserves/active duty? Are only combat veterans allowed to apply?
  7. P

    Prior Enlisted Navy Question

    Does anybody know how competitive it is to receive a nomination from the Secretary of the Navy as a prior enlisted sailor? Is it easier than securing a nomination from a Congressional Representative? I don't think I could stand a chance at securing a Congressional nomination required for admissions.
  8. P

    Prior Enlisted Navy

    I have a few questions about prior-enlisted navy sailors. Does anyone know if USNA prefers prior-enlisted members to have a certain job, such as nukes? Or does USNA just want to see solid job performance, regardless of the job? Also, does it make a difference if you're prior enlisted Navy or...
  9. RomanEmpire

    LEAD Candidate - DEROS curtailment??

    Hello, I am looking for some advice from Prior Enlisted Airman that got accepted to the Air Force Academy but was stationed overseas. I currently have a DEROS that is set to expire in Feb 2020 and if I were to be accepted to the Academy I would be leaving around June-July of 2019. Would I have...
  10. kfletch3203

    Enlisted to Officer. OCS?

    Little back story on myself, my name is Kris. Been in the Navy 4 years in January 19. Looking for others who have gone enlisted to officer through OCS to get some insight and help prepare me for when I put my package in. Some basic info about me: 26 It2(IW) Graduated with my BS in Cyber...
  11. A

    Enlisted Air Force to USMA?

    I am an enlisted Airman in the Guard and want to attend West Point, my question is regarding the application process. As an enlisted member of the Air Force would I be able to pursue the same routes of admission as enlisted soldiers or are those methods exclusive to the Army? Furthermore, I have...
  12. L

    National Guard Basic/OSUT Service-Connected Nomination

    After receiving TWE for the USMA class of 2022 I am reapplying for the class of 2023. Currently, I am in the process of enlisting in the Army National Guard as an 11x/11b and plan to attend OSUT at Benning throughout the Fall semester (August-December) before taking classes at the local...
  13. B

    Fraternization Policy?

    Im hoping there are some of you who know the answer to this. I am enlisted in the Air Force and have been in for a long time. I met a navy officer online and we’ve been seeing each other for awhile - they knew my rank from the get go and we continued a relationship despite knowing it probably...
  14. T

    Prior Enlisted

    Are there any prior enlisted that are currently at the academy or currently serving on this forum willing to give advice about the process of applying? FCA3, Currently at FC Aegis "C" school, 1 and a half year in, have not been to the fleet yet, no prior college but will have close to an...
  15. MorningMommy

    NROTC Tier 3 or enlist......

    Hello everyone, I have been lurking for a while now and was hoping some of the knowledgable voices could help... My daughter is young but is a unique young lady who has found her resonance in the navy. She is currently a Sea Cadet, will go to recruit training this summer for sea cadets at 14...
  16. thomasvlogs

    Hey all! -- I'm new here. :)

    EDIT: Sorry, I didn't realize there was an introduction section. What's going on everyone? I'm not much of a forum person (more active on other social media) but recognized that there have been thriving threads on all things service academy-related here (which is pretty awesome). First off...
  17. L

    Enlisted Sailor at USNA

    I'm a highschooler planning on doing NROTC, but considering other paths to a commission. Can anyone tell me about what it's like enlisting out of high school, and getting a degree from USNA or another school while in the Navy? If I were to enlist, it would be with the intention of becoming an...
  18. W

    Air Force Academy Cadet make it to America's Got Talent

    Didn't know where to post this thread but thought that these cadets deserve the recognition. Congrats to these cadets. But I thought that Cadets couldnt wear uniforms outside of the training/school. Any thoughts?
  19. V

    Officer without scholarship?

    If one does not receive a scholarship in ROTC (more specifically NROTC) and wants to pursue a career in the military, can they still be an officer? Or do they have to enter as enlisted after college?
  20. America Works

    Airman applying to the USAFA

    Hello, I am AmWorks [house of cards reference], and I am enlisted active duty in the USAF. I am applying to the Air Force Academy through the LEAD program. I have already started my application for class of 2022, and I have started pursuing several nominations. I hope to have my application...