Presidential and JROTC Nominations


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Dec 22, 2008
On average, about how many nominations are in the presidential and JROTC category's?
How many get the nomination, or how many get an appointment USING the nomination??? The reason I ask, is because the academy can give out 100 Presidential nominated appointments. In other words; there could theoretically be 500 applicants who've applied and are eligible to receive the presidential nomination. And they may in fact GET the nomination. But that doesn't mean they'll get an appointment. Just like congressional. Between your 2 senators and 1 representative, you have a chance at being 1 of 30 nominations. You could even receive more than one. You could even be on all 3 lists of 10. But just because you are on the list and have RECEIVED a nomination, doesn't mean you get an appointment. Think about it; there are 435 members in the house of representative. Assuming that all of them put in a slate of 10 names; that would be 4350 nominations. Not counting anything else, that's about 3000 too many people to get an appointment.

Same thing with a presidential. Now; if you have an LOA and you are ANY of those possible 4350 nominations, actually, for your state it would be possible 30 names; and you qualify in all other areas; you are "Assured" an appointment. Hence the name, LETTER OF ASSURANCE. With a presidential, you don't really need an LOA, because the presidentials are given out pretty much immediately from the time you apply. Within about a week or two. Now; whether or not you will be one of the 100 allowed to get an appointment USING the presidential nomination is the million dollar question. Basically, the academy picks 100. Sort of like "THEIR PRINCIPLE" nominees for the presidential. If some of those 100 either decline an appointment, or get another nomination, the academy could take back that presidential slot and go to someone else on the list.

That's definitely an area that MOCs and the academy semi fight over. The academy would love to see every person who is eligible for a presidential also get a MOC nomination. This way they can use the presidential 100 for an applicant who is highly desirable; authorized a presidential nomination; comes from a district with a lot of applicants; and is having a difficult time getting a nomination. However; many states/districts look the opposite way and prefer that members of their state authorized a presidential nomination get one of the 100 slots. This way they don't count against the MOC's slate and that's another person from their state/district with a good chance to get in. Especially if the one with the presidential would have been their principle nominee. Definitely gets crazy.

So, look at the presidentials like a MOC list of nominees. Instead of a list of 10 with a principle of 1; the presidential is an unlimited list with 100 principles. But in all reality, the number actually applying for a presidential, is probably closer to less than 500. I only say that because I saw a state some place that said that of the accepted C4C class, that around 5% of the applicants come from military families. And presidential nominations normally consist of military kids. Therefor, out of 10,000 applicants, 5% would be about 500. Just my basic math.

As for the JrROTC category goes; I don't know if/how many nominations they are allowed. later... mike....
For ROTC/JROTC/Honor Military Schools (designated by DOD) 5 noms can be made by each unit, however there are only 20 appts alotted for this category
i got a nom via my Army JROTC unit at school because we were a HUD (honor unit with distinction). didnt have to fill out any paperwork or anything
nice HNEEDLE. My battalion in AJROTC would have been a HUD, but we didnt have enough cadets.

good luck to you
I could've recieved the JROTC nomination but instead I went for the Presidential Nomination (Dad retired from the AF) and recieved the Nom, as well as, an Appointment.