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    Hello everyone.

    I am a college reapplicant. Last year I received a nomination to all 3 service academies from my congressman. I am applying this year as a college student to the USNA and I have applied and interviewed with all of my nomination sources. I am in PA-04 and interviewed with both senators and my congressman. All interviews went very well and my congressman's staff told me I was being seriously considered. However, I have not heard back from any of them yet.

    I received a presidential nomination in August. With that in mind, assuming I do NOT receive a congressional nomination, are my chances slim to none when my file is reviewed in January?

    I ended HS with a extensive resume and record, I have a 2200 SAT, and I just finished my first semester at a senior military college with a 3.9 GPA in USNA plebe/advanced courses, as a varsity athlete. Does anyone here with experience think there will still be presidential appointment spots open in January/February? I have finished my application and sent in my CO's recommendation and my college transcript. Also, I applied for the Vice Presidential nomination months ago, to cover all bases.

    Last but not least, merry Christmas :biggrin:
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    The Presidential slate is 100 per yr. The pool can be anywhere from 400-500+, so the odds are not as good as an MOC, but better than an ROTC nom.

    Things to remember:
    SAs love reapplicants.
    Just like the MOC slates if you don't win an appointment from there, you will go in the pool.

    Are you in ROTC, or just a Corps at the SMC? If so, did you apply for an ROTC nom? If so, even without the MOC, you will have 2 slates before you hit the pool if you did. Get an MOC, and that makes it 3. Apply for the VP., and you are at 4.

    Good luck.

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