Principle Nomination


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Feb 5, 2009
My son got the principle nomination from our congressman and according to him (Bart Gordon of Tennessee) that means an appointment is definitely coming. Can anyone confirm that.
I'm in the same situation. If he is triple qualified (medical, academical and extracurricular) , then he does get an appointment.
unitedstatesAFA2013 hit on the key word. "QUALIFIED". It is totally possible to get a nomination; even the PRINCIPLE nomination; and not be qualified. Usually it's for medical reasons, but it could be something in another area. But assuming that he is doing well academically, doesn't fail a class, doesn't get in trouble, passes all his physical and medical requirements; the YES an appointment will be on the way. good luck. mike....
Thanks Mike,

He is medically qualified and has excellent grades and a high ACT score. He also plays soccer and will be trying out for the soccer team. Thanks for your help. You seem to have a lot of knowledge about the Academy and look forward to your help with questions in the future.