Prior Enlisted Navy


Nov 14, 2018
I have a few questions about prior-enlisted navy sailors. Does anyone know if USNA prefers prior-enlisted members to have a certain job, such as nukes? Or does USNA just want to see solid job performance, regardless of the job? Also, does it make a difference if you're prior enlisted Navy or USMC? Also, how can a sailor take an ACT/SAT, or college classes while active duty?
Prior enlisted Navy or Marine Corps makes no difference. Heck, you could be prior enlisted anything.
USNA doesn't care what job you did - as long as you did it well - and have a Commanding Officer Recommendation.

Taking the ACT and SAT while on active duty is fairly straightforward, and you don't have to pay for them.
Here is a link to, as it relates to AD personnel taking standardized tests. Just go there and follow the links.

Good luck.
I really wouldn't expect that there is any official policy on whether a particular enlisted rating is preferred. What counts is that the applicant has exemplary performance in whatever he/she does. That being said, a more technical rating and proven performance in service schools certainly can't hurt. (I seem to recall several Nukes when I went to NAPS.... and even one classmate, an ET3 that didn't make it through Nuke school, but got admitted and did fine at USNA).
How long have you been in poppy?