Priors: What to bring (Answers)!! USAFAPS

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    This is focused completely on priors for USAFAPS.

    So I called a Capt., sorry can't remember his name, and asked basically what we had to bring and this is what is I found out.

    Breakdown per section from the welcome page:

    Finance - We are good to go. They still use my-pay so we should be good to go. (could bring an extra copy of the forms just in case)

    Medical records- Just get them transferred from your base to the academy via electronic transfer. "If they yell at you, just pull the you didn't know card. Its normal in PCSing" You could carry them, but you lose those and your f***ed. I think I'll just transfer mine and try to get the medical center at the academy to give me a letter stating they got it.

    Clothing measurements:
    Negative, we are bringing our uniforms. I'm honestly not even going to bother

    Security clearance:
    If you already have a TS: I was told to just print the form off ARMS, it should be recorded in there.
    If you havn't filled the form already: Well.... sucks for you, lol. Have fun with all that.

    Guard & reserve:
    No idea, Im AD.

    Public Affairs:
    Just do it... its super easy and takes 5 seconds...

    If I missed anything tell me and if I don't know it I'll call again and ask. Thanks all, hope this helps!

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