Proceed to Plan B or Wait?


Mar 14, 2016
For all those still on the CPR island, have you put down deposits with your plan B schools? I told DD to wait until 4/1 to put down a deposit thinking she would have heard from USNA by then, but she is still CPR.

I want all the bases covered. She has a fabulous Plan B, but putting down a deposit feels a little like abandoning the ship and I would hate to lose $500 simply for being impatient.

What have others done?
maskry, Ours is up in the air...waiting for a decision from USAFA. We put in a deposit for our DS's Plan C ($200 school, $200 dorm) since Plan B was declined by Univ of FL. It's for peace of mind, we are moving to FL and $400 is not much compared to a SA acceptance but could be significant if we missed out on Plan C if after waiting USAFA declines. Good luck!
When is the deposit due? 1 May? You got time-or you could put it down now but then you will be requesting it back by 1 May...If it is a couple of hundred dollars and it will bring you peace of mind, then do it now. Otherwise, wait until after 15 April, the USNA notification deadline.

I think it is important to follow your high school senior's lead on this. If he or she is nervous about 'not going to college' or 'losing the spot at college' while waiting for USNA, then it is worth the $200-$300 for reassurance that everything will be ok. If you are the one who is nervous, then just try to hang in there for the next 13 days.
1. Deposits generally aren't due until May 1.
2. DS did not get a negative reply on NROTC scholarship until April 15... still plenty of time to execute plan B
3. As you seem to be aware, you can put a deposit down and she could still attend USNA if it comes through. $500.00 seems like a small price to pay, especially since the rest of her education will cost you next to nothing. It also covers your butt should something happen prior to the start of the academic year (like leaving or injury preventing her from continuing). She would still have a college she could attend in the fall if you leave the deposit with them (see below).
4. Some people have spoken with college admissions in the past about their situation prior to putting down the deposit. The college said they could get a refund if USNA came through. This certainly wouldn't work with all colleges but it could be worth a try if you're that concerned about the $500.
Depends on deadline for deposit to Plan B school. Many prior threads on this topic. You can call the school and explain the situation, many understand the USNA process takes longer. I would not let the Plan B deadline pass without contacting them.
We put the deposit down last year before my DD had heard back from USNA. We wanted to firmly secure her plan B. Without the deposit, her plan B was NOT firm - since the school offered more spots than they actually had room for (many colleges do this).

The deposit secured her spot at the her plan B was then FIRMLY in place. Peace of mind!
We are waiting till we hear for usna for any others. We put 200 down for a room.
I put down a deposit for my son's Plan B school. He is still CPR. The deposit allowed him to secure an earlier orientation date (to meet with an advisor, schedule classes etc) and also to get a jump on preferred housing. It was worth it to us. Also, if he is lucky enough to move from CPR to Appointed, we would still hold his spot at a Civilian school through the Plebe summer period is in the event of a severe injury.
My DD still CPR as well. She is deposited at her NROTC college. My advice as a college admissions administrator: you can get a refund of your deposit if you request it prior to May 1st so you shouldn't worry about that although you can confirm this by calling the school. I would also consider putting a housing deposit down on your Plan B school if the school traditionally has a shortage of desirable housing. Technically, the school can't use the tight housing as "bait" to get you to deposit before May 1, although they can require you be deposited to sign up for housing (you see what I mean?). Just make sure you cancel it for a refund prior to May 1 - which I hope we all here waiting will have to do!
I just joined this forum today and so glad I found it!! We are still in the waiting game as well. CPR since Dec. 4th. I went ahead and arranged housing for plan B hoping he won't need it but I needed something to do in the meantime. I was assured a full refund if I call them by May 1. I am understanding that all notifications will be out by April 15th. I did read that some "wait listed" will know all the way up until June. That really would drive us crazy.