Protien in urine


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Aug 2, 2006
In the past year in urine dip-stick tests ive been testing +1 and +2 for protien in my urine. I am very active and run everyday, so maby thats the cause. But i was wondering would testing +1,2 on the test warrant a DQ?

A trace of protein in the urine can be caused by many different reasons. In young, active people, protein is more than likely the results of exercise. If there is more than a trace of protein, there may be something else going on, or you could be one of the few that always spill a bit of protein.

From a DoDMERB standpoint, if you have a trace of protein on your physical exam, DoDMERB will request 2 repeat urines done 3 days apart, while refraining for strenuous physical activities.

If those 2 repeat urines show any protein, even a trace, it will be a disqualification for proteinuria. Waivers for proteinuria are not that frequent.

My advise to you, and to all parents and applicants, if you have not had the physical exam done yet, 3 days prior start refraining from strenuous physical activities and drink LOTS of water. Its not to say don't do anything for 3 days, but do take it easy and don't push yourself. If you are involved in school sports, talk with your coach and explain that you need to take a couple days easy. Do this and you should not have a problem with the urine test.
Thanks for the info but regarding this

If you are involved in school sports, talk with your coach and explain that you need to take a couple days easy.

HAHA that'll never happen especially since were in the middle of 2-a-day practices

There are times in all our lives when we have to make difficult decisions. In your case you have to decide which is more important, a couple days of practice and maybe one game of football or medical clearance to one of the service academies. The choice is yours, and no one else.

You can do this! My daughter freaked out at first too! She plays varisty field hockey 6 days a week.
Look at your schedule. Your games are on Fridays or Saturdays, so if you have a Friday game schedule your physical for a Monday ... and you should be able to practice Monday pm. Your school has to give you one day off per week and I am guessing that is a Sunday. If you have Sat practice then I am sure you can be excused for it-- even if you can't you still have to get the physical done. Good Luck!
We met with our family MD prior to sending to DoDMERB. We fudged a little by working closely with MD & moving testing around a little. Perhaps a weekend can be taken easy and then test Monday, workout Mon after test, take it easier Tues and on Wed go very light or not at all, then Thursday test first thing & then work out full. Our doctor concurred with RetNavy to hydrate A LOT - she drank a gallon a day, some days more. Doctor said hydrate several days prior to testing & all through testing, pee should be clear. Also, I think RetNavy said that it doesn't matter if it is more than 3 days apart (just not less). Maybe do two Mondays after take it easy weekends. Just a thought on that one. Read the old threads to be sure RetNavy really said that though . . .

By the way, our test was a "clean catch" first thing in the morning - you have to get the sterile container prior to taking the test. Doctor said to refrigerate asap. Glad I had no interest in her using my kitchen Tupperware for this so I called the lab to see if she could use a zip lock bag!!!!! NO to the zip lock so I got the sterile containers from the lab. Lab confirmed to keep refrigerated - any growth of stuff can cause false positives?? Not sure on that one but both doctor & lab stressed refrigerate.

Good luck - isn't DoDMERB fun?