Public Speaking, Drama, and Debate?

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by aviatordream, Aug 12, 2011.

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    I noticed that the class statistics of USNA over the pass few years have included a section called "Drama, Public Speaking, or Debate". The percentage of students in this area is very high. As a homeschooler, I obviously do not have the advantage of such clubs/organizations. However, the local college at which I dual enroll at has both a public speaking and a theatre class, both of which I am interested in taking (for both personal and USNA admissions purposes).
    Do you think these would be acceptable to the academy? And, if so, which should I take? Thanks
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    You may want to have your parents double-check about your eligibility for debate teams or dramatic productions through your public high school (if that's something in which you're interested). You may still be eligible for extra-curriculars.

    I'd venture a guess that USNA is more interested in actual experiences than classes: dramatic productions, debate tournaments, Toastmasters Club, that sort of thing.
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    On the application, you could check public speaking if you gave two or more speeches in front of a crowd of people for that year. Although I was never part of a drama or debate team, I was able to put a check for all 3 years based on the conditions the application stated ( election speeches).

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