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Nov 3, 2007
Hi all,
Yesterday my son (2012 candidate) received a letter from the USMA admissions office stating that the admissions committee has reviewed his application file and are declaring him "fully qualified". However, a nomination hasn't been received yet. Looks like his nomination process goes well into December.

My question is does anyone have advice, for or against, sending a copy of this letter to those on his Senators/Representative nomination review committee?

I'd appreciate any feedback.

Thank you
Congratulations! Excellent news that he is fully qualified so early.

Most MOC's are in the process of picking their slate of academy nominees. He surely should go ahead and forward the letter - if he has not had his interviews yet he could also bring a copy with him to the interview if he desires.

What this shows his MOC is that the academy sees him as and excellent candidate and by him sending the info to the MOC shows that your son is highly interested is USMA.

Most MOC's announce their slate of nominees sometime in Dec - but this can be highly variable.
The deadline they have for the academy is the end of January.

Thanks so much for the reply and the kind words. I appreciate it.

I will have him send out copies to his MOC committee members asap. They all meet for final interviews Dec. 9th. Hopefully this will help with the selection process. I was a little worried about sending the letter to the Senators though because they were specific about what was to be submitted. I will however make it a point for him to bring a copy to those interviews when they are scheduled.

I also did a little checking after I posted above. Looks like for the class 2011 2039 applicants were "qualified" by admissions. Now we have to keep our fingers crossed for the nomination.

Thanks again
similar letter

My son received a similar letter; only difference was they hadn't received DODMERB results at time letter was sent (they are posted now). We brought the letter to the interview and also printed the DODMERB website showing qualified status. I think it looks good to show how far in the process the kids are, and that like JAM says, the academy has them qualified.
I think USMA will send the letter to the MOC's anyway - but each MOC office has a person who handle's the nomination process. Usually they are called the Nomination Manager or a similar title.
Your son could call the senator's office and ask them if he could add this letter to the packet. Perhaps he can just fax it in. yeah - I think the senator's are more picky about the packet since they usually get a lot more applications than a congressperson. They just dont want stuff that isn't really relevant.

Good luck on his interviews!

Yes - you wait now - the good news is your son is qualified early and USMA uses rolling admissions. While over 2000 were triple qualified last year - some were qualified late and there is always a number that go elsewhere.
The odds are narrowing -

Both - THURL and mom3boys - have both your son's continue to update thier file with any achievements or awards they receive. The admissions board will continue to look at their files and any new information may give them more points.
Thanks again Just_A_Mom and to you mom3boys. We will give the Senators offices a call Tuesday (probably closed Monday) to see if he can fax it in to them.

Just_A_Mom, I am still learning the lingo. By triple qualified do you mean Academic, Medical, Fitness?

mom3boys, best of luck to your son! What state you from? We're from NY.

Thurl, we are in GA. My son just returned from a weekend visit to WP. He is totally convinced that is where he wants to be. I would love to have a buddy in NY who can look out for him! Unlike navy and airforce, I hear that WP does not hook the kids up w/ families in the area for weekends, etc. The MALO officer that my son met w/ was very encouraging about admissions, so that was nice. He managed to come home with a t-shirt, so he's very happy about it all!I guess I know what he'll be wearing to school in the morning!!
Triple qualified means academically, medically (dodmerb) and physically CFA).
also known as 3 q'd.

A couple of more suggestions for candidates -

1. When you get the letter saying you are fully qualified - this is also known in admissions as a Letter of Encouragement - and you have questions don't hesitate to call your MALO (locally) or your Admissions Officer.
Even if you have found the answers elsewhere - making the call shows interest. Sometimes the best time to ask the question is when you know the answer!

2. Visit! If at all possible visit the academy. West Point has a very nice program for candidates and parents.
The admissions officer of the day will make time at the end of the day to review files of candidates. They actually will pull your file and sit down face to face with the candidate and parents.

I was only in GA. once. Visited Savannah River. Flew into Augusta which was beautiful. SR was just OK.
We are just a couple of hours north of WP. If I can be of any assistance let me know. Be happy to help out.


Thanks so much for all the info and the patience with all the questions.

We are in Atlanta...I've never been to Savannah! I am going in April to do the whole Paula Dean tour thing! Is your area pretty competitive, or do you anticipate getting the nom pretty easily? How bad is the snow up there? S likes to try new things, so I guess trudging in the snow will be fun! I lived in Rochester about 36 years ago, so I have done snow...but he's southern born and bred. He is going to freeze!

My wife loves Paula Dean. The snow isn't too bad here. About 70 inches over the course of a winter. Being fro Rochester you've seen a lot. Buffalo or Osweqo had about 10 feet fall in the course of a week last year. Thats a lot! We had one storm last year that was almost 30 inches. So, it can get bad.

Your son will adjust no problem. The good thing for him is that if he gets in and goes to beast over the summer he will be use to the heat being from GA.

Yeah, he's used to the heat and the humidity...running in NY will be easy compared to this!
mom3boys and Thurl,

First of all congrats on your sons' progress so far. I'd like to tell you that USMA has a wonderful sponsor family program. Cadets have opportunities to choose and/or be chosen by families. It has been one of the most enriching parts of the experience for our daughter. She absolutely loves her sponsor family - and so do we. There are many cadets and parents who feel the same.
That's good to know...son said they didn't...glad he's wrong on that one! I'd like to think some family is waiting to take in this southern boy and teach him about scrapple, walking in snow, and maybe show him NYC!

Thanks for the kind words! We are keeping our fingers crossed that all goes well in the nomination process.


I'm a big scrapple and grits fan! By the way. LOL


Qualification letter came last week...LOA came today!!! Good luck to your son as well!! We'll celebrate together over grits and scrapple (and maybe black-eyed peas?)!

Very, Very nice! Congrats to son and loads of good luck! Has your son also received his nomination yet? I'd be interested in knowing.

I have roots in VA so I like black eyed peas also. Although haven't had them for many many years.


Son had one interview on 11-2 and second on 11-10 (flew back early from WP visit to make interview!). I called both MOC's today to inform of LOA (which I learned here they already likely know about). It was CC'd to a MALO I had spoken with who works closely w/ our senator. The LOA lists specific contacts he's to use at the academy and lists the athletic contacts as well. I believe he will get a nom from our congressman; not so sure about the senator (many, many requests). He is a recruited athlete, so there is that avenue as well, but I know they prefer the athletes to obtain their own nom if at all possible. Both MOC's said they'd know by Dec. who their noms would be...now we wait! How cool would it be to get the appointment b/4 Christmas...not tell s, and put it under the tree??

Your son must be extremely excited! My son has had a few interviews. His Representative has a committee of 17. Their final group interview is 12/9.

Hopefully we'll see a LOA soon.